Monday, January 24, 2011

life is love.

life is busy with a baby.
but goodness life is just so great with this baby girl.
we had dinner at taco diner the other night.
june is starting to be very interested in what is going on at the big table and is not really liking just sitting in her seat while mommy and daddy dine. . .
so begins our meals with a little lump in our lap.
we knew this day was coming.
we have been playing on the floor alot lately and of course june loves it.
poor girl, mommy has been depriving her of playtime because she just wants to hold her all day long but not anymore.
 she is a busy girl now on her back.
so we were pumped when junie bear started grasping her first toy.
she's so funny, when she gets really excited about fun she shakes her arms back and forth very fast and makes her legs stiff like sticks.
it's so ridiculous.
june turned four months old on friday which meant she had to get her shots.
poor angel.
we were so excited about giving her some cereal on her four month birthday.
the little munch was not so excited about it.
what are we going to do with her?
she hated it!
her faces were hysterical.
it was as if we were feeding her cardboard. . . i did taste like the tiniest bit and it was pretty gross but i was certain that she would enjoy a little something different.
i guess we'll keep trying, sweet angel.


  1. awww, sweet girl! Scarlett never liked cereal either...until I mixed a little apple sauce in there one day and she gobbled it right up!

  2. My goodness! She cannot be 4 months old! Precious mama! Miss you, love!