Sunday, January 2, 2011

back in action.

my mom came to play with us a couple days this past week and it was so great to have her with us.
originally we had planned for her to come to help me put up all of our christmas fun but then we got to thinking that's no fun at all. . . we would much rather be out and about.
and out and about we were.
it's so nice to do things with a helpful buddy. . . carseats and strollers get heavy and nursing in your car in parking lots gets old.
so as always, i loved our time with my mom.
we took june to downtown grapevine and she did not like our adventure at all.
santa brought her a little toy that straps across her carseat handles. . . does that make sense?
probably not.
he brought her this.
i thought it was genuis and was certain that she would love it.
i think she liked it for maybe a day or two but quickly became way too overwhelmed by it all and would scream herself silly over it.
so therefore she could not stand sitting in her little turtle shell seat. . . don't blame the poor girl.
  i was talking with my sil becky about how i felt like overnight june started having a very strong opinion about her carseat and it clicked. . . my angel has been scared to death.
so goodbye little scary frog we'll see you when we're a wee bit older.
i love these pictures of her happy little perfect self loving life again in her seat.
sweet angel, isn't a mother's intuition the most unreal thing ever.

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