Thursday, January 13, 2011

thursday talk.

my mom goes to chinle, arizona every year with my old highschool, which is also the school she teaches at.  it's an amazing trip for many reasons.
i know that these type of trips happen all over the country with private, christian schools but are rarely found happening at a public highschool.
every year the girls of student  council make prayer bracelets for everyone involved with the trip. . .the students and sponsors and the family members that are staying home.
this is june's bracelet!
isn't that just the sweetest?
i miss my mom and dad everyday.
bu thte fact that she's so far away in arizonia makes me miss them even more.
we are praying for you tootie, you and all the cooper cougars.
you can follow their trip here.

 julia introduced me to jonesdesign a while back and i had kinda forgotten how great it is.
due to the freezing temps these past couple of days, june and i have been doing lots of researching for possible wall hangings.
i love this.
so simple and cute right?
we are headed to hobby lobby very soon to get supplies.
even though we have been in our house for almost six months we still have some bare walls that i am so so eager to get decorated.
we'll see if i can create something similar.
 and what's a post without a picture of junie bear.
best little girl out there.
seriously, what did we do without her?
happy thursday readers.
we are one day closer to a weekend at home with daddy.
evenings and one hour lunch breaks during the week are such a tease.
we like 24/7 time with him.

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