Thursday, January 27, 2011

this little light of mine.

wednesday night was such a huge night for our family.
we dedicated baby june to the Lord and it was for sure one of the sweetest nights of my life.
our church did an incredible job of making this night feel so sweet and special.
we loved just every minute!

all of june's favorite people in one place.
how great is that!
the elder's wives gave each baby their own family bible and their own individual bible.
we can't wait to read june her baby bible stories.
i can get ovewhelmed in the best way when i think about raising june to know and love the Lord.
we pray that she would know Him so soon and trust in Him all the days of her life.
goodness, what an incredible gift He gave us when becoming her parents.
we feel so grateful and promise to raise her in our home that clings to the Lord and the very happenings of His kingdom.
hold our feet to this fire!
obviously i love this picture of the entire congregation praying over all of these sweet little babies but what i really love about this picture is the precious little girl in the bottom left.
aren't those praying hands adorably sweet?

'ever youthful let no one despise their youth. be thou an example of the believers in word. . . in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.'
1 timothy 4:12

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  1. This is such a sweet post. I remember the days we dedicated Cohen, and then Lucas in vivid detail. I think I held back tears during both ceremonies. I'm not sure if you felt this way, but even though I knew my role as their Mother, I felt so overwhelmed with emotion on the gift that God has given us as parents. Anyway, so happy for your sweet little family.