Wednesday, January 12, 2011

weekend wrap-up.

we had a great weekend at home.
june bear is rockin' and rollin' and we are loving every second of life with her.
so here's what was going on with the jeffrey three.
we are trying to be so mindful of our responsiblity as parents to keep this little girl stimulated and learning during her little days. . . i have to admit that sometimes i like to snuggle and hold her way too much and we forget to get on the floor and play but things are changing.
friday night we had dinner with paw and precious at central market and then did some browsing in the store part.  i love that place now and if june should ever go to bottles i am running there to snag these.
i think they're so cute!
dinner was so great and how blessed is our little lump to have such wonderful grandparents.
her life is pretty perfect.
saturday night we headed over to visit ryan, laci and baby jackson.
poor laci broke her ankle about a week ago, we have been dying to get over there and hug their necks.
we had dinner, played with our sweet babes and had such a great night.
baby jackson has the coolest stuff too and was so sweet to share.
i remember wanting a nap nanny for june when i was pregnant but somehow it slipped right through my registry fingers and i totally forgot to add it to our list of must-haves.
needless to say, this is at the top of our list for baby number two.
she passed out all on her own.
baby j also had this fancy swing and we were certain that june had to have one too.
so sunday after church and lunch we rushed to babies r us and picked one up. . . in the snow mind you (june stayed in the car with daddy). . . i was just knew she would love it.
our sweet angel didn't quite love it like mama thought she would.
after six attemps throughout the evening at being content in her new spaceship we decided we would give it one more shot tomorrow and then possibly pack it back up and take it back.
this also might be at the top of our next registry, oh well.
don't let this picture fool you. . . seconds later things took a turn for the worst.
hope your weekend was as sweet and warm as ours.
can you believe these temperatures?

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