Monday, January 31, 2011

around & about.

this weekend was fabulously perfect. . . i take that back. . . sunday was fabulously perfect. andy had to attend a conference for work on saturday and we missed him so. i seriously can't imagine him working on the weekends or ever traveling, we would be miserable. so sunday meant that we had to soak him all up and that's just what we did! we had a couple little projects to tackle around the house. it makes me so happy when we check things off our to do list!

this little chest used to be green, then an awful turquoise blue and now this lovely shade of gray. i love it so, it's just what our living room needed and it makes me smile everytime i look at it.

this little cutie just hung out while daddy and i picked up the sea of leaves in our backyard. oh the joys of being homeowners.

we finished our busy day with a little run to home depot for another project that's in the works that i cannot wait to tell you about. there are so many things to look forward to in these next few weeks. . . papa's in town for business and is staying with us, super bowl party, home projects, playdates with new friends and valentine treats to finish and deliver! life is so good!

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

big girl bed.

junie bear has been sleeping in her crib for almost a week now. I have not been crying about it for almost three days now, i really loved having her in our room right next to me and goodness knows it made night time feedings ten times easier. . . having to actually put my feet on the floor is just so rough. june is such a champ though and we really think she is actually sleeping a teeny bit better in her little crib. she outgrew her bassinet and must have felt so squished in there, sweet angel. i just know it's going to help her sleep through the night so soon!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

this little light of mine.

wednesday night was such a huge night for our family.
we dedicated baby june to the Lord and it was for sure one of the sweetest nights of my life.
our church did an incredible job of making this night feel so sweet and special.
we loved just every minute!

all of june's favorite people in one place.
how great is that!
the elder's wives gave each baby their own family bible and their own individual bible.
we can't wait to read june her baby bible stories.
i can get ovewhelmed in the best way when i think about raising june to know and love the Lord.
we pray that she would know Him so soon and trust in Him all the days of her life.
goodness, what an incredible gift He gave us when becoming her parents.
we feel so grateful and promise to raise her in our home that clings to the Lord and the very happenings of His kingdom.
hold our feet to this fire!
obviously i love this picture of the entire congregation praying over all of these sweet little babies but what i really love about this picture is the precious little girl in the bottom left.
aren't those praying hands adorably sweet?

'ever youthful let no one despise their youth. be thou an example of the believers in word. . . in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.'
1 timothy 4:12

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


my parents took us to the rodeo this past weekend.
we were planning on going to a live cattle auction but missed it, so sad.
we figured that the actual rodeo might be a little too loud for little june's ears so we opted to just stroll around the exhibits.
and look what we pulled out of the closet. . . our lifesaver baby bjorn.
there was so much conversation before we left for downtown about grabbing the stroller and realized more than halfway there that we of course forgot it.
so glad we remembered the papoose.
our little miss thang is such an inquisitive little one so you can imagine this ride was a dream come true for her tiny eyes.
isn't elsie the best?
love her daisy necklace.
i think june will really love her too when we go back to the rodeo next year!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

four months old.

dear little junie bear, how in the world are you four months old?
you are growing so very big.
i feel like everytime you take a nap you wake up a little bit bigger and it baffles us all.
you are still the sweetest little love bug that ever was and we are just nuts about your little self.
 your four month check up went so smoothly this time around.
you have grown so much since your last check up.
you are weighing in at 12 lbs 15 ounces and are exactly 25 inches long.
daddy and i knew you were right around 13 lbs and right we were!
you hurt my back when i carry you around all day but i wouldn't have it any other way.
doctor dietchman said you are just perfect and are growing just as you should be.
he also said it might be time to give you some rice ceral.
i was so pumped about this but you had your own ideas about the yucky stuff.
you absolutely despised every single taste and one time you even gagged.
poor angel.
 somehow the love for sleep gene skipped you because it is not one of your favorite pastimes like it is your father's and mine.
you had a stuffy nose this past week and it set our waking only once in the middle of the night routine back a few million steps.
so now you like to wake up and are ravenous, like clockwork, every three hours.
we are exhausted yet again.
thankfullly, you take care of business and go right back to sleep.
i know one day you will sleep 8+ hours like i hear some babies do but until that day i am cherishing afternoon and sometimes morning :) naps snuggled up with you little angel pie girl.
 you have started doing the most unique thing ever and this picture shows it perfectly.
you get so excited about your fun toys that you make your legs sooo stiff and straight.
it's the cutest new trick up your little sleeve.
you also get so very excited when we reach to pick you up or get you out of your carseat.
baby girl, you love attention and you love to be talked to.
 we are beginning to see more and more of your personatliy every day.
you are a sweetheart for sure.
you want to be with us all the time. . . surprise surprise.
you also have moments where you are so content to just be your little self, just a chilled out little babe.
we are thankful for that too.
 you are getting so strong and are moments away from rolling over.
i can't imagine what fun that will be for you!
you love your tummy time and we love getting down on the floor with you for a little encouragement.
sweet angel girl, we love watching you grow and learn.
we love every second of life with you.
we love your little eyes and we love your chunky monkey legs.
we love your dark hair and the way you hold your thumb inbetween your two fingers.
we love to hear you talk and we are waiting so patiently to hear your first belly laugh.
papa claims he heard it the other day but our ears are still waiting.
we are so glad you are here with us, forever and always.

Monday, January 24, 2011

life is love.

life is busy with a baby.
but goodness life is just so great with this baby girl.
we had dinner at taco diner the other night.
june is starting to be very interested in what is going on at the big table and is not really liking just sitting in her seat while mommy and daddy dine. . .
so begins our meals with a little lump in our lap.
we knew this day was coming.
we have been playing on the floor alot lately and of course june loves it.
poor girl, mommy has been depriving her of playtime because she just wants to hold her all day long but not anymore.
 she is a busy girl now on her back.
so we were pumped when junie bear started grasping her first toy.
she's so funny, when she gets really excited about fun she shakes her arms back and forth very fast and makes her legs stiff like sticks.
it's so ridiculous.
june turned four months old on friday which meant she had to get her shots.
poor angel.
we were so excited about giving her some cereal on her four month birthday.
the little munch was not so excited about it.
what are we going to do with her?
she hated it!
her faces were hysterical.
it was as if we were feeding her cardboard. . . i did taste like the tiniest bit and it was pretty gross but i was certain that she would enjoy a little something different.
i guess we'll keep trying, sweet angel.

Friday, January 14, 2011

day six.

project one done.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

day five.

 so strong.

thursday talk.

my mom goes to chinle, arizona every year with my old highschool, which is also the school she teaches at.  it's an amazing trip for many reasons.
i know that these type of trips happen all over the country with private, christian schools but are rarely found happening at a public highschool.
every year the girls of student  council make prayer bracelets for everyone involved with the trip. . .the students and sponsors and the family members that are staying home.
this is june's bracelet!
isn't that just the sweetest?
i miss my mom and dad everyday.
bu thte fact that she's so far away in arizonia makes me miss them even more.
we are praying for you tootie, you and all the cooper cougars.
you can follow their trip here.

 julia introduced me to jonesdesign a while back and i had kinda forgotten how great it is.
due to the freezing temps these past couple of days, june and i have been doing lots of researching for possible wall hangings.
i love this.
so simple and cute right?
we are headed to hobby lobby very soon to get supplies.
even though we have been in our house for almost six months we still have some bare walls that i am so so eager to get decorated.
we'll see if i can create something similar.
 and what's a post without a picture of junie bear.
best little girl out there.
seriously, what did we do without her?
happy thursday readers.
we are one day closer to a weekend at home with daddy.
evenings and one hour lunch breaks during the week are such a tease.
we like 24/7 time with him.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

day four.


weekend wrap-up.

we had a great weekend at home.
june bear is rockin' and rollin' and we are loving every second of life with her.
so here's what was going on with the jeffrey three.
we are trying to be so mindful of our responsiblity as parents to keep this little girl stimulated and learning during her little days. . . i have to admit that sometimes i like to snuggle and hold her way too much and we forget to get on the floor and play but things are changing.
friday night we had dinner with paw and precious at central market and then did some browsing in the store part.  i love that place now and if june should ever go to bottles i am running there to snag these.
i think they're so cute!
dinner was so great and how blessed is our little lump to have such wonderful grandparents.
her life is pretty perfect.
saturday night we headed over to visit ryan, laci and baby jackson.
poor laci broke her ankle about a week ago, we have been dying to get over there and hug their necks.
we had dinner, played with our sweet babes and had such a great night.
baby jackson has the coolest stuff too and was so sweet to share.
i remember wanting a nap nanny for june when i was pregnant but somehow it slipped right through my registry fingers and i totally forgot to add it to our list of must-haves.
needless to say, this is at the top of our list for baby number two.
she passed out all on her own.
baby j also had this fancy swing and we were certain that june had to have one too.
so sunday after church and lunch we rushed to babies r us and picked one up. . . in the snow mind you (june stayed in the car with daddy). . . i was just knew she would love it.
our sweet angel didn't quite love it like mama thought she would.
after six attemps throughout the evening at being content in her new spaceship we decided we would give it one more shot tomorrow and then possibly pack it back up and take it back.
this also might be at the top of our next registry, oh well.
don't let this picture fool you. . . seconds later things took a turn for the worst.
hope your weekend was as sweet and warm as ours.
can you believe these temperatures?