Wednesday, February 23, 2011

fast five months.

in my mind it cannot be at all possible that you, little june, are five months old.
five months old?
how in the world did this happen right before our very own eyes.
it has been the very best and sweetest, most perfect five months of my life.
hands down.
 so here's what you're up to:
you are the roundest and perfectly chubbiest baby out there.
your chunky legs are my favorite and all of your little rolls when you sit are to die for.
you have a little gut that falls over your diaper and it's pretty darn cute.
you are shockingly wearing a whole lot of nine and twelve month clothes, which i'm not real sure how that happened but you fit in them very good.
a little too good. . . it's so cute!
i don't know how you grew to be such a big big girl and i can't wait to see how much you actually weigh next month.
maybe it's the rice cereal that you are downing like a champ.
you gobble it up like it's the most delicious thing out there and i am so proud of you for that.
i know it's going to serve you very well when you get to have fruits and veggies next month.
you can swallow like a real human being, it's amazing how you learn these things.
you love to be out and about and are so so alert.
you look at everything in sight when we go to target or are at restaurants or just anywhere we are. . . you want to know and see all that is going on.
your head control shocks our socks off.
you are so so strong.
 we cannot get over how very very sweet you are.
i'm not joking when i say that you really only cry when you are very hungry or very sleepy.
your needs are pretty much met before you even know that you need anything so that's probably why you are so sweet all of the time but it sure makes our life pretty easy and fairly stress free.
you have really done alot of maturing over this month.
for example, you fall asleep on your own in your crib for naps and bedtime.
i think that is such a big girl thing to do.
i remember at your four month appointment dr. dietchman told us to start trying to put you down before you were asleep and i thought to myself  "yeah right! that will never happen. we will be rocking her to a dead sleep for the next year."
then like seriously overnight you were doing it on your own.
we couldn't be prouder or more thankful.
right now you are reguarly taking three naps a day and sleeping almost six hours at night.
it's not truly 'through' the night but it is a vast improvement from just a month ago.
way to go sweet angel girl!
i am loving that you smile and get so excited when we talk to you.
you are so easily entertained and such a joy to be around.
your chilled out, sweet tempered self is better than my dreams could have imagined.
you love it when we put on little dancing and singing shows for you and you also love your toys.
you pull everything into your mouth and have a blast looking at them.
i kind of think you are about to have a little tooth pop out because you are a drool machine and are rubbing your gums all of the time.
it's so very cute.
you are starting to roll over but haven't exactly figured out that when you get tired of being on your tummy you can just roll over.
it's so fun when you do roll over and we get so excited for you.
there have even been times that you roll over from your back to your belly all by yourself.
you also are liking to rock back and forth from side to side and that's so cute.
you love to grab and touch our faces, which there is nothing better out there than your little sweet hands grabbing our noses, cheeks and lips.
you are so very sweet junie bear.
we eat you up all day and cannot wait to see what's ahead for next month.
i just know i am going to be a mess because you will be a half a year old.
you are growing too fast my sweet girl, way too fast.
we praise the Lord for your healthy and happy self and are forever grateful for your precious life.
we love you more than words.
much much more.
happy five months to you my daughter.
i love you.
i love you.
i love you.

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