Friday, February 25, 2011

treasures forever.

you can guess what we've been up to by the picture below can't you!
andy's been catching on to my missing abilene and all of the ones i love there so he figured june and i should stay for a few days after our weekend at the ranch.
i am so grateful for him and his willingness to 'share' us and i am so thankful for anytime that we get to go to abilene so we can see everyone, like cousins and aunts and uncles and friends and great-grandparents.
and of course papa, tootie and uncle christopher,
they're the best treat ever.
so here we go. . . ready for the recap?
when we arrived we went straight up to crutcher scott to see christopher and the little baseball team he coaches.  i was so glad andy stayed around for a little while before heading back home because he would have missed his social butterfly daughter.  
she was cracking us up.  
there was a little posse of girls, little sisters of boys on the team, that were loving her and they all circled around her and were smiling and talking to her and she was eating it up.
like loving it so much and it really was so sweet to watch.
i sat there taking it all in and remembered being one of those little girls at the baseball field obsessing over the newest little diamond doll.
it was cute, really cute!

so then we went to my parents and had a yummy home cooked dinner. 
it was delish!
 kellie and christopher joined us too which was even more delish.
my mom is trying to learn how to play the guitar. 
 it's hysterical and she knows we are all kind of making fun of her for it but she is determined to learn how to play little songs that june can sing with her one day.  it's sweet and i hope it does really happen but in the mean time she's become the topic of lots of jokes.
so she put on a concert for us and we all couldn't stand the hilarity of it.
we love you mom, hope you go on tour real soon.

 the next day we met our uncle at united deli and walked down to surprise's for a little shopping. 
love that place and loved that christopher came with us to hold june so my mom and i could really focus at the task at hand.
you get me? 
 throughout the week we finished off these treats, no problem there.
 added to june's shoe collection. . . 
 book collection. . .
 and spring collection. . .
pause please. 
this is a 12 to 18 month cuteness outfit from tootie.
it fits her.
is everything we're buying just sized wrong?
i kinda love it but goodness gracious june!
 we missed this handsome stud muffin every day, every second.
 pearce and noah came to visit and woo-hoo i was thrilled to see them and squeeze their little faces.
i love these two so much!

june loves pearce a little too much.
anytime anyone else tried to take june away from pearce she would cry, cry cry.
we gave her right back to pearce and she would stop. . . immediately.
so funny!
baby whisperer 2011 and babysitter for life.

i had been wanting a little wildcat tee for june so we ran up there one day and snapped a picture or two.
maybe one day she can put this in her dorm room with her roommate chloe etter!
goodness june, please don't ever grow up. 
please live with mama and daddy forever!
 i'm kicking myself because we met lucy and julia for lunch at where else but the health food store and didn't take one single picture, ugh!
speaking of julia, have you heard the best news ever that she and mr. b have to share?
they are expecting their first little angel baby at the end of august!
we are just beside ourselves with excitement and anticipation to meet baby b.
follow her here, she's got the cutest idea for tracking baby b's growth inside her sweet belly.
you'll love it just like we love her.
 our babysitter came back another day on her way to cheerleading and taught june all kinds of stuff.
i do love this picture.
 my mom taught me how to sew on a button.
stop judging me, i'm only 27.
better late than never.
so now andy has nothing to worry about in life and his favorite pair of pants back.
 the night before we left june gave us a run for our money.
two things:
1. what did parents do before video monitors?
2. how great are those cheeks? 
i love my little pudgey piglet.
 someone just couldn't go to sleep due to the excitement of seeing her daddy the very next day.
she's precious and we didn't mind one bit that she kept wanting to get out and play.
she finally went down at 10:30 and we followed closely behind.
sweetest angel girl.

we sure loved every second we spent in mama's hometown and look forward to our next visit!


  1. June has more shoes than me. Yep. Love it. That outfit is so precious!!

    She is so beautiful and you just BEAM in pictures with her, sweetest thing ever. And, I love your dad's sweet whiteboard notes. So special!

  2. Jessica-
    Baby June is sooooo cute!!! I've been blog-stalking you for awhile now too. :) Now we can be blog friends! (Sounds much better!) I have Noah & Pearce in computer class & love them! They are so cute! My moom has seen you a few times at Beltway but I guess I keep missing yall! Hopefully I'll see you soon on one of your trips to church! :)