Friday, February 18, 2011

sweet and simple.

big things are happening around here.
june got an upgrade in the pacifier world.
i have spent a lot of time looking for the old school soothie pacis for this girl and was so bummed to find out that they quit making them. 
i had found some in the avent brand but they just weren't exactly the same so we were thrilled to find these new gumdrops that are just like our old soothies but so much better because we can see her little button nose.
and aren't they the cutest upgrade ever?
welcome to our life 2011 paci, we sure couldn't do it without you.
we sure did take the 2010 one along for back up and it looks like june has a little horn, ha!
can't believe i just wrote an entire paragraph about pacifiers.
i'm a mom.
so that's exciting huh?
new pacifier, yay!

moving right along.

the weather has been so fantastic and we have so enjoyed our walks around our little village.
it does us good to get outside and get our bodies moving.
june absolutely loves being outside too. . . which makes me so happy and makes my dreams at night all about picnics and play dates at the park.
come on spring!
other major big news: 
we finally took june's snuzzler out of her car seat, you know the thing that helped support her little head.
i cried about it when she took her first ride without it because she looks like a completely different baby without it in there.
my dad claims kenny chesney stole this song from him. . . ha!
really, i can't blink because she will be going to college and getting married like next week.
certifiable mom of the year goes to me.
seriously jessica.
 get. a. grip.  
she's still your tiny baby.
 oh my goodness. i love her.
 she also is hip ready.
i have been waiting for this day. . . when i could just pop her on my hip and go.
the day is here and we feel excited about it.
she wore her overalls this past week.
another item i bought for her such a long time ago at babygap.
actually i remember the exact day, it was a sunday two weeks after she had been born and my parents were in to see us.
i was dying to get out of the house so my mom and i ran up to the gap just for a little breathing time for the new mom and junie bear stayed with the boys (andy, my dad and christopher)
she was in good hands but i remember feeling like a fish out of water in the gap.
i hated the feeling of not having her with me and i think we were gone for a total of twenty minutes before i told my mom to take me back home to her.
i still feel that way.
i know one day i will feel a little bit better when she's not with me but i don't honestly see that day coming anytime soon. . . maybe in about fifteen years.
 she is also loving her little toes more than ever lately.
i was telling my sweet mother in law the other night at dinner that i am excited about this warmer weather for many reasons but the very tip top reason is for june's toes!
i am pumped about not having to have those cutie toes covered up in socks or onesie outfits.
oh the sweetness and simplicity of those little tiny toes.

hope you are blessed and finding something so sweet and simple to love on today.
we all know i am!


  1. hooray for a new paci that she loves. and WAHOO, nothing better than a baby on your hip. It's such a great day when they can "ride along!" June is a doll, love seeing her sweet pictures.