Thursday, February 24, 2011

baird bash.

once a year we gather our friends at the ranch for a weekend in the west.
i'm not quite sure why we only do it once a year and we all left each other this past weekend wondering the same thing and planning other weekends coming up.
i hope they happen!
this was the first year that all the babies came. . . duh.
it's crazy and so sweet that we all pretty much had or are having babies within this past year.
it made for a different time but still so perfect and relaxing.
we ate way too much, sat around the fire, played games, gabbed about magazines and painted our fingernails.
it was a very fun time with all of these sweet families.
we are thankful for these friendships and i personally am so thankful for their wives.
it was so nice to sit around and do nothing with these other 'moms' and just chat chat chat about our babies and how we feel like such rookies just about every other day.
we are all already chompin' at the bit for next year.
maybe we will double in size again!

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