Friday, February 11, 2011

snowed in.

on our snow days we did a whole lot of nothin'.
we didn't leave our house for four days.
by the end of the fourth day i went crazy and andy demanded that he take us out and about.
whew! i don't know what i would do if i had to survive through an entire real winter.
allright, enough whining about the cold.
look at our cutie!

 we did manage to bust out our craft box and made some little clippies for our girl's little round head.
we also made a variation of these for our little valentine buddies.
cannot wait to put them in the mail!
 and would you look at her go?!?
she did it.
she mastered the art of swallowing and now loves her rice cereal.
 little miss messy marvin.
don't our eyes look a little brighter?
this was after our venture out on our fourth day.
it's truly amazing what dinner out and a target trip will do for these two girls.
kinda pathetic.


  1. those clips are too fun, and a trip to Target can surly brighten anyone's day:)

  2. Love every chance we get to look at that cutie pie! Keep your camera charged up at all times!

  3. So you started her back on the cereal? I will probably be starting Jordyn at the end of the month. Found your blog through a comment on Becky's blog. I look forward to hopefully getting to know you better since the girls will be in the same classes at church!