Wednesday, February 16, 2011

lots of love.

this valentine's day was exceptionally fantastic.
it started with a little early arrival from cupid this weekend when my mom and dad were here for a visit.
they brought with them lots of valentines, the cutest new duds for junie bear, a sweet charm for her charm bracelet, some yummy and adorable cookies for andy and i and the best new knick knack for our newly finished front room.
they brought the sweetest package from julia and lucy (get a blog girl!) filled with the best goodies for mommy.
love you two.

monday mornig we woke up to this aadorable face and these gorgeous tulips from our andy.
this girl wishes she could wake up to flowers everyday.
it was perfect.
by far my favorite picture yet.
she's pretty cute huh?
we got dressed in our valentine tutu from precious and headed to meet our valentine for a delicious brunch at our fav little diner.
it was so yummy and so is this little girl. . . we eat her up all day long.
i loved wearing my bloom from the girls all day.
so very cute, just love it.
while junie bear was taking a good long nap i got the party scene ready for our valentine's arrival afer work.
 it was fun to throw something together that i hoped would make andy feel so very special and loved.
and woo-hoo, it did!
he loved everything.
i'm a firm believer that love is in the details, people.
 we had lots of yummy treats, sweet cards and little treat bags for my dearest loves.
i know your mouth must be watering at the sight of those strawberries.
mine sure are and i'm so sad i've already eaten all of them.
they were more than delicious.
thank you my valentine.
call me crazy. . . but what party isn't complete without a little heart bunting.
how fun is this pizza?
don't you wish they had pizzas like this for every occasion.
life would be better with fun shaped pizzas, ha!
after andy opened up his little gifts he showed our girl what cupid brought her.
she was kinda confused and thought it was christmas again.
first valentine's, i admit i went a little overboard.
i loved this valentine's day just so much.
first one with our little love. . . she made it so sweet.
i felt reminded all day of how much i have to love and how very well loved i am.
sure hope you felt the same.


  1. what a special and sweet first valentine's day:) everything looked so nice and yummy!

  2. What a perfect love day! How could you NOT go overboard on Valentine's for that sweet face?! She's adorable.

  3. Seriously- Had I known all of that sugary goodness was sitting on your counter I would of stopped by for a Valentines visit! You know how to celebrate!

    Sure love you and that precious Junie Bear! I also love the way you love my brother! You are the answer to millions of prayers!

  4. Love that second to last picture of her!! so cute!