Thursday, February 10, 2011

our girl.

i can't forget these moments.
here are a few pictures over the past few weeks that i want to make certain don't fall by the wayside.
 she was so excited to be in her jegs and her new turtle tee from tootie. . . try saying that five times fast.
we were on our way to our first ladies class tuesday morning at church.
she was pumped.
the little robeez on her feet i bought for her way before she was born and her jeans tootie gave to her way before she was born.
i hadn't put either on her yet, not sure why, but loved how grown up she looked in her wide legs.
andy thought she was a teenager before our eyes.
 just a mother-daughter shot.
i sure love her so much.
 she was telling me all about her time at dinner, when she didn't make a peep and sat like a big girl in her carseat the entire time.
which explains her nappy hair.
but seriously, i know you're not looking at her hair. . . it's those chipmunk cheeks that steal the show.
first time in babylegs and goodness gracious they were so cute.
i want a million pairs now.
her daddy had her giggling so uncontrolably.
she looks a little crazy eyed but i couldn't resist that smile and she couldn't resist her daddy's funny ways.
our days are brighter and better because of that smile.
who wouldn't love our junie bear?


  1. I love posts like this. You will look back in a few years and be SO thankful for the "little things" you posted about. I started my blog the month before CT was due (September 2007) and look back now and naturally remember the BIG things, but absolutely CHERISH the small details that had slipped my mind. You are so precious-- June is an angel baby! Soak it up!