Sunday, May 1, 2011

let love rule here.

just a few things i want to make sure are not forgotten.
we were anxiously awaiting andy's arrival after work one evening and
with no tricks left in my bag,
 i popped her on the window sill and she fell in love all over again with herself.
she really was so cute to watch as she discovered
her little friend in the window.
my word, i love her!

she is loving everything that i am putting in her mouth lately.
i knew this day would come and am thrilled that
this girl is as in love with food as her parents are.
the apple doesn't fall from the tree!
we celebrated baby jackson's first birthday as a galaxy intramural team.
the invitation called for guests to arrive in their sports gear
 so let's make certain that we only chose to be a G1 team because we were at
 ryan newhouse's, moonie of all moonies.
who are we kidding. . . they are all still living the dream.
love those boys.
sweetest little water bug. 
we're pushing our limits in the sink tub, worked like a charm for her tiny days
but with each passing minute she grows a wee bit more and it's
 just a short matter of time before we graduate to the actual bathtub.
i can already feel my back hurting. . .

she's wearing real sandals.
how did that happen that she can wear like pretty much real shoes?
don't you see the tread on the bottom. . . 
that means they're real shoes.
goodness gracious, 
stop clocks, 
just stop it.
i don't know if we can officially proclaim that she is crawling but 
we know for sure she is covering some major ground.
she's mastered the tiny army crawl now it's just a matter of getting 
those sweet arms to move in time with her little legs.
heaven help us!
self explanatory,
 kiss her all day.
every day.
during our visit in abilene julia came over to see us and 
get a crash course on june's ride.
she is so thoughtful, 
all of the time, 
and brought june the sweetest easter treats.
thank you aunt julia for always thinking of me, 
you're the best of the best.

we sure do love our cousins pearce and noah, especially 
when they are willing to ride around the streets in june's wagon.
these kids all love each other!

everyone got swings for their back patios for the little bug.
she obviously isn't complaining about it!
andy is thinking about sending this picture into 'little tikes'
 for them to use as their advertisement.
try and tell me she won't help these puppies fly off the shelves.
thought so.
i just love this guy so much.
seriously, don't know how i could make it without him.
thankful for all that he is.
undeniably, the total package.

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