Saturday, May 28, 2011

handy andy & talented terry.

thanks to my husband and my mom my house
 is a constant revolving door for new ideas.
isn't that so true for any home?
my mind is constantly contemplating new touches to put here
 and there to make this house 'ours'.
nothing is by any means wrong with the 'befores' or even terribly atrocious 
but the 'afters' sure make the place a little bit cozier. . .
 a little bit more like home.
this bare and sad looking wall has been telling me it needed a 
little bit of lovin' for a while now and probably any normal and sane person would have
 hung pictures or a huge painting but of course i had to dream up 
something a bit more difficult.
so late one night my mom sent me the link and i laid in bed next to 
my handy man dreaming about my new wall.
you can find board and batten treatments all over the blogosphere,
 handy andy followed this one to a T and i am in love with the outcome.
our wall feels totally loved now.
the next little bit of love went to something we now call our nook.
i was watching an old episode of sarah's house when she
 redid a room for two teenage girls and in between their two closets 
was just an empty space that sarah saw as an opportunity for a built in desk. . .
wellllll lucky for us we had that same little opportunity right in our very own hallway!
the inspiration.
the before, halfway finished actually.
the true before i can't find but just imagine that mirror hanging
 with nothing else there.
get the idea?
the glorious after!
handy andy had an electrician out to add an outlet for a lamp
 because what nook is complete without a touch of light
 and the rest he did with his own two strong hands.
terry's turn: 
my mom really is the greatest
 and always so giving of her time and talent.
she made us some fun new things for our backyard
 patio and for the couches inside.
it seems that everything she touches turns to gold, thanks mom for
 making our house a little bit shinier.
i love you so much.
now get back down here so i can put you to work, ha!
so a big thanks goes out to my mother and my husband for making
 my dreams come true and helping me turn this house into a home.
i love you both.


  1. love all the new stuff jess!!!! and i love all your updates :) i can't believe how BIG little June is! She's a doll baby! I wish I could have met her :( Maybe one day! Who knows - her and Lucas could go to school together one day :) Miss you!

  2. JESSICA!!! I am so impressed with your hubby's handiwork. The wall looks amazing. Such a transformation!!

  3. so so amazing!! i love everything!! and love those squishy legs pushed together so tall in the nrh20 pic, oh my gosh. she is so cute. so so cute!! i want to chew on those legs!