Saturday, April 30, 2011

baby girl belcher!

a few weeks ago we found out some very exciting news!
our dear julia and andrew are awaiting the arrival of a sweet little girl
and they had the most fabulous party to announce her debut!
we cannot wait another second to meet you sweet little girl, june is pumped about her new bff.
team pink and team blue.
the happy parents, they are going to be so great at mommy and daddy!
can't wait to share stories with these two.
isn't this party just perfection.
everything was so cute!
the big reveal!
yay for pink!
while mama was away this little bug had a fun time at the driving range
 with papa, uncle pher and tootie.
my dad dreams of teaching june how to play golf and after looking at these pictures i think his dream might come true.
she had a great time, who knew golf was so fun?!?
when we pulled into town we met christopher for lunch at our favorite united deli and then surprised tootie at her school. . . you would have thought the queen was visiting because june was paraded around that place like a royal.
it was so fun for my mom to show her off and of course june loved all of the attention.
probably the best less than 24 hours spent in our home away from home!

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