Sunday, May 29, 2011

life as we know it.

life as we know it is sweet as pie.
june has always been very curious as to what is going on around her.
are all babies like this?
probably so, but it seems that june is like really into everyone
 else's business and i love it about her.
so one day at the grocery store i made the mistake of getting one
 of the smaller baskets because we weren't needing to get that much stuff.
mistake noted.
i had no clue what i was in for!
sweet girl, couldn't keep her hands out of the back or
 off of all of the goodies inside.
no big deal, just made our quick in and out a little bit longer.

terrible picture but little sweetest girl so eager to get outside.
love that she is on the move!
last friday we got the rare opportunity to visit our cousin
 benjamin in his kindergarten class for a little story time.
we were so proud of all of his "published books" and so impressed with
 how well this guy can read.
look out first grade, you've got a genius headed your way!
what's a post without a swing picture?
never gets old.
we knew the day was coming.
right after i snapped this picture she reached her little hand up
 there and yanked the camera down into the crib with her.
andy calls her his little raccoon.
i look at him in disgust and ask him not to refer to our daughter as a nasty varmint.
he smiles and i smile too
but really, she's too sweet to be a raccoon.
life as we know it gets better by the minute with this little monkey girl.
hope your life today is just as great!

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  1. June is a doll. Please mail her to me. Thank you.
    You look BEAUTIFUL in the picture with Benjamin. Oh my! That red/coral is a fabulous color on you. So pretty.
    Did I mention June is precious? I love her.