Thursday, May 19, 2011

just for abby.

i'm sorry to have become such a blogger slacker.
if my dvr is not an excuse then i have no good one.
i'm really hoping to become more motivated and bring y'all some good reading material.
but maybe don't hold your breath.
so june loves to swing.
it's her very most favorite outside activity.
when she sees that we are headed to the back door she gets so excited
and starts kicking her little legs so fast.
it's pretty sweet, i'm so glad she likes to be outside.
she is loving sitting in a shopping cart too.
much better than being cooped up in her carseat. . . 
she thinks it's so nice to be out in the open for everyone to ooh and aaah over her.
for some reason our little outings take a little bit longer these days,
we have been introduced to the world of snacks.
baby mum-mums top the list of favorites and she feels 
like such a big girl feeding them to herself.
she is getting so big!
she's gone for her first ride on daddy's shoulders, 
loved it of course, 
and pulled his hair the whole time.
daddy didn't mind.
we went on a three mile walk the other day with laci and jackson,
more exercise than mama has gotten since before i was pregnant.
we were both worn out and felt so accomplished.
i'm so lame for being worn out after three miles of walking, i know.
this little romper was a 'too good to be true' find at target that we just had to have.
too cute right!
we also made our way to the zoo with some new friends.
poor sophie broke her neck on this trip.
when am i going to get my act together?
i was thirty minutes late, planned everything perfectly to be there on time
and was doing so good until i got lost.
i called andy immediately, told him my whereabouts and he asked the most profound question. . .
"do you have your gps plugged in?"
well no.
problem solved.
my mom gave me this nifty little container last mother's day.
 i loved it then and love it even more now,
thought it was so practical. . . it has about five other
little compartments that snap onto the bottom of this one.
really should be a must-have for any mom because it packs brillantly into our diaper bag.
anyways, i love june's yogurt melts.
always have.
my sister in law becky used to have these for eden when she was tiny like june.
anytime we were with them andy and i would sneak a few for ourselves.
we both really loved them so much that becky got us some for our honeymoon goodie bag.
we ate the entire bag on the planeride to mexico and were both so sick to our stomachs.
i handed him one the other day and it triggered some unhappy memories for him.
hasn't phased me a bit, bought two more bags today in fact.
they are delish to me and june agrees.
afterall, her opinion is the only one that matters.
for a couple days last week this was the only way
 june would sleep during her naps.
she would nuzzle her way over there and fall asleep.
it was so cute and adorably weird.
whatever works.
seriously, would anyone have any pictures
these days without their camera phones?
it's ridiculously wonderful and convienent.
i love my tiny family.
you have to look very, very hard to see it but she woke up from her nap
the other day with the first sight of bed head.
i about died.
i wish she woke up from every nap with bedhead.
i love it!
you can kinda see it a little better in this picture.
so cute, a sign of good rest if you ask me.
my brother gave her this little talking puppy for christmas.
she was way too young for it then, but man alive has she made up for lost time.
we've had it out for a while for them to get acquainted
but lately she has been absolutely crazy about her friend.
she smiles and laughs and no joke. . . tackles him.
they are the best of friends, so sweet.
and does this not scream sixteen year old to you?
picking and choosing her own fun.
i'm crying just looking at this picture.
please stop growing,
 live with us forever
 and always let me hug and kiss you.

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