Saturday, May 21, 2011

mother's day.

there is nothing like being a mother.
it is so surreal.
so sweet.
so unbelievable.
this mother's day was so perfect because of this little girl
who i am beyond blessed to 'mother'.
i know this post is so late.
story of our lives.
  i was thinking on mother's day as my parents drove
away from us in the chapp's parking lot,
how incredibly blessed i am to be a mother and to have a mother
that i whole heartedly adore and cherish.

mother's day can be such a joyful day,
 this i always knew,
but it took being a mother to realize that it can
 also be a day that brings alot of pain and sadness.
i feel so blessed to have a mom,
 to enjoy every second i get with her
 and to be a mom enjoynig every second i get
with my little girl.
i know i have much to praise and thank the Lord for.
i am so thankful.
my heart aches for anyone that felt any sadness this mother's day.
may you forever feel the love and peace of our Lord.
three generations of one heck of a mother-daughter duo.
love these two girls more than a milion words.

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