Tuesday, May 24, 2011

thank you!

andy took a few days off here recently and we had a nice little staycation.
it was four days of perfection.
we figured it was not worth the money to actually go anywhere and have to tiptoe around a sleeping baby and be in by 8,
so we lived it up in the comfort of our own home. . .
best decision we've ever made.
we talked the entire time about how we could figure out a way for him
 to get to stay home with us. . .
we have yet to come up with anything.
so back to work he went monday morning and we were sad to see him go.
it's just so nice to have a another buddy 24/7.
for months andy has been wanting to do something for
 our troops and our staycation was the perfect time to do just that!
if you live in the area or your local airport welcomes troops home you should
 totally look up how to be a part of it.
it was the sweetest two hours of our entire staycation.
dfw airport puts on nothing short of a welcome home parade
everyday for troops returning home for a little r&r.
they ask everyone to dress in patriotic colors, love that, and come with signs and flags, a smile and a handshake.
we are expert at smiles and handshakes so we loaded up!
the very best part was seeing families welcoming home their daddies, talk about emotional.
i cannot imagine.
as we were leaving i heard a troop tell another man,
while he was hugging his baby, that he left when his son had just turned two months old.
so glad that daddy is home to enjoy his baby, bless him.
another thing that tugged at my heart was how the troops thanked us for coming out to welcome them home.
are you kidding?!?
i wish i could be there everyday and
i wish we could have done so much more than just stand there, smile
and shake their hand.
we are grateful for what you do for our country.
my mom subscribed to this grown up magazine for me.
thanks mom!
it was perfect that the first issue arrived on our staycation because
i got to flip through the entire thing in one sitting.
isn't looking at magazines so very staycation-y?
i thought so.
can't wait for next months.
we enjoyed lunches together at places better than our kitchen table. . .
 that only knows how to serve sandwich
after sandwich
for lunch during any ole normal week.
staycations deserve lunch at mi chulah and yogurt for dessert.
staycations are the best.
andy and i took a little time to ourselves one afternoon and
spent some time in southlake at the town center.
we picked these up for the bug girl, i love them and am a teeny bit envious.
wish they had some for mama.
such cutie staycation shoes!
she was pleased with her treat.
all in all, staycation gets 10 stars.
hoping for another staycatoin on down the road!
maybe we've started a new jeffrey tradition.

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  1. I LOVE that y'all went and welcomed the troops home. That is wonderful and I am now googling if Austin does the same thing. What a great way to celebrate all the selfless men & women that serve us and protect our freedom. You and June have totally inspired me. :) xoxo AND LOVE those sandals...Belle may need those too,ha!