Wednesday, May 25, 2011

great minds!

when we all came out dressed and ready for church on sunday
 i noticed a picture perfect moment.
blue was the color of choice for everyone's sunday best
and best part was it all went unplanned.
great minds truly do think alike.
the boys moaned and whined about having to partake in the photo shoot
 but i'm so glad we insisted they hold off from changing into their comfies
 because look at the gems we captured!
of course christopher threw the biggest fit about having
to sit with his niece and smile.
such a miserable task. . . i know.
but after all of his complaining they recieved the best picture of the day award.
see proof below.
love her little grin.
now boys, wouldn't you say this was well worth our time?
i think so too.

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