Friday, May 27, 2011

8 months old!

my angel girl, you are practically a grown up.
eight months old. . . eeesh!
you're the sweetest little eight month old in all of this world, i'm so glad you're ours.
it seems like a lot has changed in your world since last month. . .
let's tell 'em all about it.
the biggest change by far, is that you crawl and explore
 and want to go on adventures all over our house.
you will sit sweetly for a while on the rug and entertain yourself with your
 toys and then off you go to see what new thing you can find.
you love to go to the back door and sit on the rug, i think you are like a puppy dog in this way. . . 
just begging to go outside and swing.
i almost always give in.
daddy can't believe how fast you can crawl.
you really are speedy, you can get to things pretty quick and it's so cute 
to watch your little booty scoot.
i love that you can crawl now and want to see the world around you, 
i hope you will always want to explore.
you also have two bottom teeth that have come all the way through!
you've had them for over a month but we see them all the time now,
they are so pretty and white and you have started to grin from ear to ear with them.
proud baby!
another thing you're very proud of is your hair.
you were born with a headful and then lost quite a bit
 but now it's coming in so pretty and thick and dark and we love it.
so do you. . .
when i put your bows in you lean foward so
i can get it just in the right place.
precious angel.
just this week you have started doing something that i have
been wishing and hoping for for a good while.
you are back to cuddling, you know when it's nap time. . .
when we're getting your sound machine on and your blind closed in your room,
you put your paci in your mouth and lean your sweet head on my shoulder and i melt.
i mean melt.
i cuddle you for a while, lay you down and asleep you go.
you are doing so great with your sleep.
two naps a day, one just over an hour and the other almost always two hours long.
we've pushed your bedtime back a little,
which really menas mama is trying really really hard not to be such a pyscho about your sleep.
so now you are going to bed really close to eight or a tiny bit after and you sleep all night long!
you had your first cold the first week of being eight months old and it broke my heart,
that gave you a little bit of trouble when it was time to sleep.
i was so worried about you but now you're good as new and my healthy baby is back.
i am praising the Lord that we have only had to worry about a tiny cold.
thank you Jesus for our healthy girl.
you are eating three meals a day while nursing four times a day.
it has truly freed up some of our time and we are really liking how our little days play out.
your favorite foods are carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas and peaches.
you also love oranges!
i mean, you get absolutely so excited when you see me cutting one up. . .
we like to share them and you think it's so interesting
when i eat them after you.
cute girl.
you are wearing 9 to 12 month clothes and this
season's wardrobe is my favorite thus far.
i want you in little bubble rompers at all times, they are the cutest on you.
you are wearing size three diapers and you love to grab each and every
 one of them while i am changing your diaper on your changing table.
the art of distraction is key.
my word, what would we do without you.
you are growing so fast and changing so much right before our eyes.
i am so glad that i get to spend each and everyday with you.
you make my days complete.
happy eight months angel baby!

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