Wednesday, March 30, 2011

hodge podge.

here's a hodge podge of our latest happenings.
we have started june on some real life baby food and sweet girl doesn't just love food like her mama and daddy just yet.
i know she's got it in her for she comes from a long line of food lovers so we're still waiting for her to turn the corner and realize that food can be her best friend.
so pathetic huh?
this was her very first reaction to applesauce, followed by gagging and acting disgusted the entire time.
don't get it. :)
she also has been wrapping her mind around using a sippy cup for water and has taken to that like a champ!
last tuesday we went down to our neighbor/cousin's house for a little playtime.
june was so proud to show off her rolling over trick and her cousins were very impressed.
sweetest kids ever.
check out our little grandma baby in her jean shorts.
i think she looks hystericaly cute.
the only time jean shorts are ever allowed.
andy surprised me last week with a new pair of cutie toms.
can i just say those are the best mom shoes ever?
it was the sweetest thought and june loved the box.
thank you andy for being such a thoughful and sweet husband.
you always know how to love your girls.
still so stinkin' excited about her newest bathing suit and i must say she is so stinkin' cute.
seriously what did we do before camera phones?
i am loving mine more than ever, talk about a well documented little life this little love leads.
it's just the absolute best.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

park playdate!

we met our buddy luke hamon last friday for a little park playdate
and had the best time ever at quite possibly the cutest park that ever was!
it was the most gorgeous day outside
so i don't know why i decided to dress june in long sleeves and pants,
poor girl was burning up
but she still had such a blast with her new little buddy
and we can't wait for more fun this week!
how ridiculous is her hat?
cute girl.
and look at this little stud muffin. . .
 luke is adorable
and his mama is so sweet
and we are so excited to have new pals to play with during the day.
hope y'all are having some fun wtih little buddies at great parks too!
those are our best kind of days.

Monday, March 28, 2011

six months whoa!

you, my angel, have turned six months old right before our eyes.
you are still perfect in every way and we cannot believe you are half a year old.
i remember thinking when you were just six days old that when we got to this age you were going to be so big and such a different baby.
it's true you are so big and so different and even more wonderful.
at your well visit this month you weighed 17 pounds even and are 27 inches long, 70th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height.
i think you are going to be tall like your daddy.
daddy and i try to guess how much you weigh at every appointment and this time we were dead on.
your shots were heartbreaking as usual but i held it together this time, so we were both big, brave girls.
way to go!
we talked alot at your appointment about solid food.
you have been loving your cereal more than ever so he gave us the go ahead to give you some fruits and veggies and i was so pumped.
you are getting used to it but didn't just love it right away.
i know with time you will be lappin it up like a little puppy dog.
we also chatted some about how you are not too fond of bottles or formula.
i am starting to realize that i cannot nurse you forever, although we both love it so.
daddy thinks i am addicted to it and maybe he's right. . . i love nursing you.
we'll see if i'm still whistling the same tune once you get your first tooth.
you are a funny little girl and we are in love with your little personality.
you are so happy and so sweet and just love to be with us at all times.
you are rolling every which way and scoot around in circles on your belly to play with your toys.
you are a nosey little girl and want in on all the action and want to see and touch everything in sight.
you will practically break your back to get or even look at something you have your heart set on.
we love your curious little self.
sweet angel love, you have become quite the little stinker at bedtime and naptime.
gone are the days of  swaddling you, laying you down and walking away.
you want to be loved on until the very last possible second and we honestly don't mind it a bit.
you are so funny and dramatic when you are falling asleep.
you make the most pathetic little moan while your eyes are getting heavy, we can't help but laugh at you.
you are waking up one time at night to eat and fall right back to sleep and then usually wake up when daddy leaves for work.
we play a bit and you are ready for a morning nap pretty soon.
you are still taking two sometimes three naps a day and once you get sleepy and comfortable you could sleep for days.
the love we have for you little girl makes our hearts literallly ache.
you are so perfect and adorable and we prasie the Lord for your little soul.
we love you more than you'll ever know.
your smiles make our days and
you little sounds melt our hearts.
you are the most precious thing out there and we couldn't do this life without you.
one of my very most favorite things you are doing right now is putting both of your hands on my cheeks and pulling me into your face.
you want to kiss me dead on the mouth and i let you do it everytime.
please don't ever stop doing that!
your kisses make my heart beat.
you are truly a little angel.
i love you more than life itself.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


we've busted out all the good stuff for this baby girl lately.
we were blessed with some wonderful gifts when we were anxiously awaiting for this doll to arrive and we are finally getting to put them all to good use.
she is loving life more than ever!

i think we would have all saved a few bucks if we would have known how entertained she is by a measly little water bottle.
i don't want to say that it's her favorite but. . .
it's her favorite toy.
i am destined to find her something else that she will equally give her heart to.
we'll see if i can do it!
who am i kidding, i think i'll let her do just about whatever she wants at this stage and if that's playing with a water bottle then have at it sweet angel love.
daddy and i will buy you all the water bottles in the world.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


this little face pretty much sums up our spring break.
we wore this girl out and she loved every single second of it.
and so did mama and tootie and papa!
my dad just so happened to be in town for business the week of spring break. . . the irony i tell you.
we joke that he has to come down here for 'business'. 
business my tail. . . he's obviously working hard to see his first granddaughter.
we don't mind one bit and since tootie was on spring break she got to tag along too!
we spent the first part of the week on our turf and headed to theirs for the end of the week and weekend.
so here we go with the run down.
spring break 2011, you were good to us.
all packed and ready to hit the road but. . .
as luck would have it the second we were about to start on our fabric adventure we heard that awful dreaded sound of a leaky tire but thanks to my super vip husband we got in and out, literally maybe spent 20 minutes at the tire shop thanks to his clout :) and we were on our sweet way.
thank you andy, you are always looking out for your girls.
this sweet angel was a doll in the car waiting so patiently.
i just want to eat her up!
we got to my parents late wednesday night and were greeted by this cutie bathing suit from aunt syliva!
we are so eager to get to swim school on saturday so she can show off her new suit.
we think she is the cutest little chunky munk.
this little leprechaun's first st. patrick's day was very green and great.
we had lunch with aunt jodi at jason's deli, took our uncle christopher lunch at athletic supply and headed home for a nap.
i'd say it was a good day to wear our green and don't you just think it's our lucky little girls color?

of course what is a visit to abilene without some playtime with our favorite babysitter pearce.
these two are in love, lemma tell ya.
it's pretty sweet.
we love this boy more than life itself.
finally daddy andy arrived friday night and our life was complete.
i know it's crazy but two days away from this kid is too much for us.
we were ready for friday to get here and we were happy to be reunited. . . and it felt so good.
happy spring break from the jeffrey three.

look at this little cutie with her baby omo.
uncle jack, aunt ginger and grier came in saturday for our cousin's baseball game and we were so thrilled to see them.
june loved her and tried to rip her face off and sweet grier let her touch all over her nose and cheeks and chin and it was sweet to watch these two littles become friends.
it was a very good week
 and right you were dad
our spring break definitely was
better than cancun.
isn't he ridicuously clever?!?

Saturday, March 12, 2011


this little toot makes a whole lot of messes.
and i think you know what i mean by messes.
we had been running around friday, just normal errands and had a request to visit a certain guy at jeffrey's automotive so of course we head that way.
as soon as we pull in my mother's intuition tells me something's brewing in the backseat.
oh goodness.
it was record breaking.
home we went and as i'm cleaning up snapped this picture of our stinker girl.
she looks pretty guilty huh?

my parents were here, in a round about way, last weekend for baseball.
my brother is coaching a select baseball team and they had a tournament in irving so we had wonderful dinners all weekend and the dearest of company.
bethany, aunt ginger and the nichols came to dinner on friday night and it was so great to see faces from home and catch up with everyone.
and don't think twice when you feel like mexican food. 
head to uncle julio's, order their fajitas and call us.
we want to tag along!
we had a lazy saturday morning in bed before getting into our swim gear.
aren't these two the sweetest pair?
before we knew it, it was time to eat again!
surprise, surprise. . . that's all we do.
love my brother and love catching little moments of him with june.
one of life's sweetest gifts. . . seeing your sibling love your child.
it's the best and we love him as much as he loves us!

is anyone else having to dust off their rebels?
my poor iphone is getting worn out by all the pictures i am snappin' while my other camera is getting a nice little rest.
i want to use my nicer camera all of the time and really feel like i have every intention to do just that but somehow it never happens.
gotta work on that.
at small group on sunday night we had breakfast for dinner so naturally we all wore pajama's.
here's our little ham posing in her pj's.
we were dying at her little self propped on her tiny elbow.
how hysterical does she look!