Monday, March 28, 2011

six months whoa!

you, my angel, have turned six months old right before our eyes.
you are still perfect in every way and we cannot believe you are half a year old.
i remember thinking when you were just six days old that when we got to this age you were going to be so big and such a different baby.
it's true you are so big and so different and even more wonderful.
at your well visit this month you weighed 17 pounds even and are 27 inches long, 70th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height.
i think you are going to be tall like your daddy.
daddy and i try to guess how much you weigh at every appointment and this time we were dead on.
your shots were heartbreaking as usual but i held it together this time, so we were both big, brave girls.
way to go!
we talked alot at your appointment about solid food.
you have been loving your cereal more than ever so he gave us the go ahead to give you some fruits and veggies and i was so pumped.
you are getting used to it but didn't just love it right away.
i know with time you will be lappin it up like a little puppy dog.
we also chatted some about how you are not too fond of bottles or formula.
i am starting to realize that i cannot nurse you forever, although we both love it so.
daddy thinks i am addicted to it and maybe he's right. . . i love nursing you.
we'll see if i'm still whistling the same tune once you get your first tooth.
you are a funny little girl and we are in love with your little personality.
you are so happy and so sweet and just love to be with us at all times.
you are rolling every which way and scoot around in circles on your belly to play with your toys.
you are a nosey little girl and want in on all the action and want to see and touch everything in sight.
you will practically break your back to get or even look at something you have your heart set on.
we love your curious little self.
sweet angel love, you have become quite the little stinker at bedtime and naptime.
gone are the days of  swaddling you, laying you down and walking away.
you want to be loved on until the very last possible second and we honestly don't mind it a bit.
you are so funny and dramatic when you are falling asleep.
you make the most pathetic little moan while your eyes are getting heavy, we can't help but laugh at you.
you are waking up one time at night to eat and fall right back to sleep and then usually wake up when daddy leaves for work.
we play a bit and you are ready for a morning nap pretty soon.
you are still taking two sometimes three naps a day and once you get sleepy and comfortable you could sleep for days.
the love we have for you little girl makes our hearts literallly ache.
you are so perfect and adorable and we prasie the Lord for your little soul.
we love you more than you'll ever know.
your smiles make our days and
you little sounds melt our hearts.
you are the most precious thing out there and we couldn't do this life without you.
one of my very most favorite things you are doing right now is putting both of your hands on my cheeks and pulling me into your face.
you want to kiss me dead on the mouth and i let you do it everytime.
please don't ever stop doing that!
your kisses make my heart beat.
you are truly a little angel.
i love you more than life itself.

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