Thursday, March 10, 2011

busy busy bees!

we've been busy.
busy and good and rockin' and rollin' and having a blast!
we had a perfect playdate last week with baby cutie luke harmon and are so looking forward to playing with him at the park (where else!) again soon.
after our fun with luke we popped into the shop for a quick peek at daddy since we hadn't seen him all day and we know us girls can't handle a whole day without seeing andy.
we're crazy about him.
i love this picture of her cutting her eyes at andy, she practically breaks her neck to get a look at him anytime he walks in the room.
sweetest daddy's girl.
then that night we had dinner with paw and precious and got to hear all about their trip to visit bailey, brylee and baby caleb.
we hope we get to visit the virginia jeffreys someday soon too!
june has come to life lately and is more fun than ever.
she is a roly poly girl and can actually entertain herself to a certain degree.
this past week we introduced some of her 'bigger girl' toys and they all became fast friends.
it's funny to watch her eyes get so big when these little gadgets light up or make the slightest peep.

and here we are again on the walks. . . it's her favorite pasttime.
we've got to get out more.
can i say for the record, everyone told me that each stage with june would keep getting better and better and while i totally agree, this might be my favorite stage yet.
she's cuter than ever.
but let's be real she already knows that she's got us all wrapped tightly around her little finger.
we love it
but you've heard it here first
we have witnessed certain little cries and whines lately that frigthen us just a wee bit.
i think someone got her mama's drama.
love her.

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  1. Oh June is CUTER THAN EVER. How does she get more and more precious with every post?!

    Carson LOVED the puppy! I need to get batteries for it so sweet Slade can enjoy it too.

    Love your posts, love your sweet girl.