Wednesday, March 23, 2011


this little face pretty much sums up our spring break.
we wore this girl out and she loved every single second of it.
and so did mama and tootie and papa!
my dad just so happened to be in town for business the week of spring break. . . the irony i tell you.
we joke that he has to come down here for 'business'. 
business my tail. . . he's obviously working hard to see his first granddaughter.
we don't mind one bit and since tootie was on spring break she got to tag along too!
we spent the first part of the week on our turf and headed to theirs for the end of the week and weekend.
so here we go with the run down.
spring break 2011, you were good to us.
all packed and ready to hit the road but. . .
as luck would have it the second we were about to start on our fabric adventure we heard that awful dreaded sound of a leaky tire but thanks to my super vip husband we got in and out, literally maybe spent 20 minutes at the tire shop thanks to his clout :) and we were on our sweet way.
thank you andy, you are always looking out for your girls.
this sweet angel was a doll in the car waiting so patiently.
i just want to eat her up!
we got to my parents late wednesday night and were greeted by this cutie bathing suit from aunt syliva!
we are so eager to get to swim school on saturday so she can show off her new suit.
we think she is the cutest little chunky munk.
this little leprechaun's first st. patrick's day was very green and great.
we had lunch with aunt jodi at jason's deli, took our uncle christopher lunch at athletic supply and headed home for a nap.
i'd say it was a good day to wear our green and don't you just think it's our lucky little girls color?

of course what is a visit to abilene without some playtime with our favorite babysitter pearce.
these two are in love, lemma tell ya.
it's pretty sweet.
we love this boy more than life itself.
finally daddy andy arrived friday night and our life was complete.
i know it's crazy but two days away from this kid is too much for us.
we were ready for friday to get here and we were happy to be reunited. . . and it felt so good.
happy spring break from the jeffrey three.

look at this little cutie with her baby omo.
uncle jack, aunt ginger and grier came in saturday for our cousin's baseball game and we were so thrilled to see them.
june loved her and tried to rip her face off and sweet grier let her touch all over her nose and cheeks and chin and it was sweet to watch these two littles become friends.
it was a very good week
 and right you were dad
our spring break definitely was
better than cancun.
isn't he ridicuously clever?!?


  1. What a fun SB! I love your dad's whiteboard notes! That papa is pretty clever. As always, June is adorable! :)