Wednesday, March 9, 2011

swim school!

we took june to her first swim lesson this past saturday at elmer swim school.
i have been wanting for sometime now to get her in some type of little class. . . we were going to start gymboree but it conflicted with my tuesday morning bible study, then we were going to do little gym but it also conflicted with stuff we had going on  so when we heard about bathtub babies i knew it was just what we had been looking for.
she loves being in water so i figured she would have a pretty good time in their huge pool and right i was! 
she was livin' it up just kickin' her little feet and smiling it up at everyone in sight.
she thought she was pretty big time and we thought she was pretty darn cute.

we learned some new songs and new tricks to sing and practice during bath time at home and june can't wait to get back in the water this saturday!
i have to admit that my little bathing beauty is just that. . . such a bathing beauty!
goodness gracious i am obsessed with her.

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