Saturday, March 12, 2011


this little toot makes a whole lot of messes.
and i think you know what i mean by messes.
we had been running around friday, just normal errands and had a request to visit a certain guy at jeffrey's automotive so of course we head that way.
as soon as we pull in my mother's intuition tells me something's brewing in the backseat.
oh goodness.
it was record breaking.
home we went and as i'm cleaning up snapped this picture of our stinker girl.
she looks pretty guilty huh?

my parents were here, in a round about way, last weekend for baseball.
my brother is coaching a select baseball team and they had a tournament in irving so we had wonderful dinners all weekend and the dearest of company.
bethany, aunt ginger and the nichols came to dinner on friday night and it was so great to see faces from home and catch up with everyone.
and don't think twice when you feel like mexican food. 
head to uncle julio's, order their fajitas and call us.
we want to tag along!
we had a lazy saturday morning in bed before getting into our swim gear.
aren't these two the sweetest pair?
before we knew it, it was time to eat again!
surprise, surprise. . . that's all we do.
love my brother and love catching little moments of him with june.
one of life's sweetest gifts. . . seeing your sibling love your child.
it's the best and we love him as much as he loves us!

is anyone else having to dust off their rebels?
my poor iphone is getting worn out by all the pictures i am snappin' while my other camera is getting a nice little rest.
i want to use my nicer camera all of the time and really feel like i have every intention to do just that but somehow it never happens.
gotta work on that.
at small group on sunday night we had breakfast for dinner so naturally we all wore pajama's.
here's our little ham posing in her pj's.
we were dying at her little self propped on her tiny elbow.
how hysterical does she look!


  1. I just said THIS MORNING that my poor Rebel was being neglected thanks to iPhone apps! I brought it with us to the Rodeo today and am so glad I did. But, admittedly the phone pics are SO much more practical for running around.

    Mmmkay-- June, you are the cutest thing I have ever seen. Poopy pants or not. And, how sassy and fabulous are you modeling your pig bib on the bed? Such a lovely lady! :) Can't wait to squeeze you... I mean, MEET YOU!

  2. OK so I found your blog on Julia's blog and hopped on over and can I just say that y'all are the cutest little family! I love reading about families who are about our age and have kiddos around the same age as our little one!