Friday, March 11, 2011

girls night out!

monday night was a big time first for us.
i got together with some girls to watch the bachelor: women tell all so that meant andy had june all to himself for the nighttime rituals.
1. cereal
2. bath
3.  pj's
4. milk
5. swaddle and bed
we are a well oiled machine, if i do say so myself, so i knew the night would go smoothly but i was still a little nervous about leaving her not because i don't have all the confidence in the world in andy but just because. . .
you know. . .
mama's you know what i'm saying right?
thankfully, precious was available for back up and for keeping andy company.
all three enjoyed our nightly routine and i breathed a great sigh of relief when i got the picture.
the sleeping peacefully, clean and full picture.
so excited about a night alone with daddy.
thanks alot june!
just kidding, i eat it up that she loves him so much.

i know you've all seen this cake batter bark all around the blogosphere.
i whipped some up to take for us girls to munch on and
i was so pumped about this stuff and then bam! so disappointed.
it tasted nothing like cake, was super rich and just too much.
i am going to try again and maybe add more cake mix and adopt a better attitude about the whole thing.
i want to like it, i really do.
and here it is.
the picture!
she has started to show signs of not wanting to be swaddled all night and once that little arm busts out of her burrito wrap it goes straight into the air and hangs for a while.
whatever works right?

who is not counting down the seconds until brad chooses emily this coming monday!
i so hope he does.
i want to be her and steal everything in her closet.
TEAM EMILY forever and ever!

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  1. I know. Wasn't it sad? The bark is just not all it's cracked up to be. Such a bummer. So glad you had a fun night out though!! And love love emily! Gosh. She is so cute. Just like you! Ok. Yes, we need need a new recipe. I'll google something.