Wednesday, March 30, 2011

hodge podge.

here's a hodge podge of our latest happenings.
we have started june on some real life baby food and sweet girl doesn't just love food like her mama and daddy just yet.
i know she's got it in her for she comes from a long line of food lovers so we're still waiting for her to turn the corner and realize that food can be her best friend.
so pathetic huh?
this was her very first reaction to applesauce, followed by gagging and acting disgusted the entire time.
don't get it. :)
she also has been wrapping her mind around using a sippy cup for water and has taken to that like a champ!
last tuesday we went down to our neighbor/cousin's house for a little playtime.
june was so proud to show off her rolling over trick and her cousins were very impressed.
sweetest kids ever.
check out our little grandma baby in her jean shorts.
i think she looks hystericaly cute.
the only time jean shorts are ever allowed.
andy surprised me last week with a new pair of cutie toms.
can i just say those are the best mom shoes ever?
it was the sweetest thought and june loved the box.
thank you andy for being such a thoughful and sweet husband.
you always know how to love your girls.
still so stinkin' excited about her newest bathing suit and i must say she is so stinkin' cute.
seriously what did we do before camera phones?
i am loving mine more than ever, talk about a well documented little life this little love leads.
it's just the absolute best.


  1. You are the cutest! You are absolutely beautiful and I may only be sixteen, but you make me excited to be a mother someday far, far in the future!

  2. Your baby girl is just the sweetest little thing!! Love her chubby cheeks. The pic of the two of you is just adorable!! xo