Tuesday, March 8, 2011


on march 8th
 june and i had such a peaceful,
easy feeling kind of day
 and we just loved it.
we had bible study this morning,
grabbed some nuggets on the way home,
changed a poopy sheet (not so peaceful or easy),
 took a good long nap,
had dinner ready by four,
went for a nice walk and swung in the backyard for just a little bit before another little cat nap before daddy came home.
i'm liking these days where we don't have much on the agenda.
just going wtih the flow and loving life so much.
all of the trees in our neighborhood are a bloom and it makes for a kind of pleasantville feel when you turn onto our street.
it's gorgeous and i wish they were like this all year long.

this little monkey girl could not be happier then when she's outside.
easy entertainment for mama.

somehow the little cooking fairy stopped by our casa today and whipped up some yummy fettucini alfredo for dinner and the most delish chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.
i told andy we could eat as many as we wanted because they had oatmeal in them. . . he laughed at me.
since i figured out they weren't really all that healthy we wrapped up some for our neighbor cousins and walked them down the street.
it's only right to share the wealth health.
 it was a great great day.
sure hope yours was too!


  1. I love it when I see you! I love it when I hear you! I love it when I read you!

  2. she is such a doll!!! oh my gosh yall are so cute!