Saturday, July 30, 2011

coming PERRY soon!

there is nothing sweeter, in my book, than a well executed surprise!
we snatched up mommy to be julia for a weekend getaway to one of her favorite places in our great state.
it took me back to my surprise last year. . . i'm still not over the sweetness of that weekend.
this group of girls are each treasures to hold close and we can't wait to hold
 our newest little treasure to the group.
perry lucille, we love you and your mama so!
these two said it better.
so i'll let them speak for me! you'll like the mom's take on
her weekend and our travel planner's edition much better than mine.
these are just some of my favorite shots from our weekend. . .
i am beyond excited for you, julia and i know that you are going to be
 the most incredible little mommy to baby perry.
i am excited to walk this road with you and to have a little friend for my little junie.
we love you so and can't wait to meet your girl!

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