Friday, July 1, 2011

two years!

this hunk of love and i celebrated two years of marriage this past monday.
it was a really sweet day.
it seems kind of ridiculous to me that we did anything at all because i'm not joking you when i say that life with this man is like an anniversary every week.
he loves me incredibly well.
serves me selflessly everyday.
leads our family with faith, strength, wisdom and a level head. . . that i do not always have.
he fathers our daughter with unconditional love and he continues to be my favorite hobby,
my favorite person to laugh with
 and favorite foot rubber, ha!
i love you so much andrew cardwell jeffrey.
the Lord has shown favor on me by giving me you to love for the rest of our lives.
it is amazing the things that we've packed into this past year because
technically we are still very much newlyweds.
a pregnancy.
a move.
a new job.
a new town.
a new baby.
a new way of life.
it's been a lot to wrap my mind around at times but i know
 there is not another soul on planet earth that i would rather be manuevering through life with.
i will love you forever and ever to the next seventy-seven years of wedded bliss.

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