Thursday, July 7, 2011

gene pool party.

my sister in law emilie speaks my love language.
she loves home made t's,
over the top birthdays and
 making sure that everyday is a party.
we had a great time when she and her family were here and spent
some late, late nights bonding over freezer paper stencils,
exacto knifes and fabric paint.
it was my kind of fun!
i live for projects like this.
em wanted to make all of the little cousins t's for their friday viewing of cars 2.
when she threw out the idea i jumped on board without any hesitation.
next time we are using the screen print method for sure but since our factory was open in the wee morning hours we wouldn't have had any sunlight.
so thankfully becky and kelly were wanting in on the fun too!
so with all hands on deck we were open for business.
loved this night with these three favorites.
we can't wait for our emilie to return for another late night crafting!
my in-laws kitchen was covered in baby t's and fun!
what a sight to wake up to the next morning.
talk about a dream come true. . . i would love to wake up to personalized t shirts once a week.
get it?
gene pool party!
here's all the little gene carriers ready for their
big show on opening day of cars 2.
i have to say they look pretty irrestible!
best part is, this is just the beginnning. . .
they will have matching shirts for the rest of their sweet little lives.
love it!

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  1. how do you make the shirts with freezer paper?! i MUST know!!!! how fun!!