Friday, July 1, 2011

nine months!

my girl you have turned nine months old right before our eyes
 and due to the busy, busy month we've had i'm just now finding time to tell you about it.
you are more delightful with each passing day and we honestly think that with
each nap you take you grow a little more.
i promise, after a nap this week you were heavier and steadier and a
 tad bit girlier.
you are changing so much!
it makes me so sad and happy all at the same time that you are turning into a
little girl and growing out of the tiny baby stage.
you are so wonderful june marie jeffrey.
i love you much more than words could ever say.
so here's where month nine finds us.
you are ACTIVE!
i mean ac-tive.
you crawl so fast and are wanting to go everywhere you are allowed to
be and everywhere you are not supposed to.
you're pretty much over all of your toys.
you will maybe give them attention for five minutes and then you're
off to see what else is out there.
you melt our hearts when you crawl to us, pull up on our legs and look
 at us with your doe brown eyes begging to be picked up.
it always works too.
we whisk you up and you're curious to see what we're working on.. .
it's usually something yummy to eat so we will give you a taste or three or four and
down you go again to continue exploring.
i love that you're a curious george, it makes me laugh.
this month at your well check you weighed 19 lbs and 4 ounces
 and were 28 and 1/4 inches long.
i kinda have a feeling you're going to be tall like your daddy.
we were so thankful for a healthy report and no shots, yay!
we were also pumped that the doc gave us the go ahead to give
 you any table food you desire.
we have had such fun with that!
you love vanilla yogurt, mandarin oranges, cheese, banannas, honeydew melon,
pineapple and just today you tried spaghetti and it quickly won the prize
 for your favorite grown up food.
i love that you get to try the yummy stuff now,
i've secretly been paitently waiting for this day.
you still are eating cereal twice a day,
baby food three times a day,
one tiny snack in the afternoon and
nursing four times a day.
i know it seems like all we do is feed you but we really do a whole lot more!
just this month you went to the nursery for the first time at church.
a super big moment!
daddy and i like to keep you with us for worship but when it came time for the
sermon you were too squirmy wormy so you went to the nursery for a
whoppin' 30 minutes and did fantastic.
i was really nervous about leaving you and cried the minute we turned around
 to walk away but felt so great about the whole thing when we came
 to get you and you were all smiles.
who am i kidding!
i knew you would do so great, it would be me with the problems.
i am so glad you're loving the nursery and all of your new friends.
it's good for us both.
my little baby, you are such a good sleeper.
you love your crib.
you are taking two naps a day, both usually for an hour and a half and will go to
sleep for the night in the 8 o'clock hour and we won't see you again until six.
you'll wake up for some milk and go right back to sleep until about 8:15.
i really love that you like to hit the snooze button for a while becuase
 that extra little sleep in the morning is so good for my soul.
thank you baby girl!
i cannot believe we are three months away from your first birthday.
cannot believe it.
we've already started planning and i am pumped about the possibilities.
you are the best thing on planet earth,
the highlight of our everyday.
we love you more than we thought our hearts ever could love someone.
we praise the Lord for your sweet heart,
your healthy little bod and thank
Him for trusting us with you.
goodness gracious, how could we do it without you sweetest love.

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