Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the rest.

we have been here and there and everywhere lately.
it's been really great though because all the hustle and bustle meant
that we were spending time with family that was here for 
an entire week from virginia.
it was a week that went by way to fast and one that we already
 can't wait to happen again!
so this is a wrap up of our life on the fast lane.
this was the last picture taken of june in her carseat that she has been rollin' in since birth.
you sure do know that i shed some tears over this new transition to her big girl ride.
she is so pleased with the upgrade and we are
 so glad that aunt emilie, certified expert carseat guru, was here to help
 us with the installation because this bad boy threw mommy and daddy for a loop.
pretty much means you are ready for college junebug.
be still tear ducts.
june has two teeth currently but they are
 the pearlieset whites of any baby on the block.
 having her teeth brushed is the highlight of her day, such a big and funny girl.
we had the pleasure of meeting jackson and laci at the
yummy food court and then did some shopping for andy's anniversary gifts.
we were so happy to have buddies that wanted to tag along
 with us and are already anxious to do it again.
don't these two look just like their daddies would in a double-wide stroller?
my dad recently had a little scare with melanoma.
we are so thankful that it was just that. . . a scare.
it did however send us all to the store for the strongest
sunscreen that money can buy and my dad has also bought every
 single bucket hat that any golf store from here to midland sells.
supposedely they are the "in" thing to wear on the greens and if anyone
would know it would be our golfing papa.
so. . . thanks dad for lending it to andy for y'alls first time at nrh2o.
hurry back so we can go again!
my mom stayed a few extra days after my dad and christopher headed back west.
we busted out some t's for the 4th and felt kinda big time doing so.
let me say that these were a group effort with meredith, allison and kristen.
big thank you to you three!
like always, we had a great time with my mom.
she is such a blessing to me from abilene and when she's in my own home,
helping me clean, do laundry and just get things checked off my to-do list.
thank you mom for all that you do to make your children's life so good.
we had some fun one afternoon at homegoods.
our little girl is so big standing on her own two legs, she is so funny to me.
her perfect shopping trip involves a ton of cheerios or being held.
we were happy to oblige with open arms!
sweet angel.
my mom got crazy in the checkout line and found this baby hat for june.
she couldn't get over how much she looked like andy in this picture.
i couldn't get over how fun it's going to be when my daughter gets lice.
needless to say, we didn't leave the store with it.
we had a blast in the month of june and wore this little bug out and it's
 looking like the month of july is going to be even more fast and furious.
we just love all of thsi fun!
stay tuned for a gene pool party and an independence day recap.
hope you're all loving this summer time sun!

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