Tuesday, July 12, 2011

fourth of july recap!

these are the rest of the pictures from the fourth.
 it was a really great long weekend. . .
our little angel bug loves the water!
yo andy, let's build her a pool.
grier helped bethany and i decorate june's wagon
 for the next morning's parade.
she was adorable and really helpful.
my mom made this cutie flag fruit pizza that not only 
looks delicious but IS delicious.
could go for some of that right now!
my aunt jodi and cousin emily loved my yummy dip.
didn't you girls?
with june in good hands someone caught 
us catching some zzz's.
tootie found this suit for junie and it was 
pretty stinkin' cute on her little bod.
we love this holiday!
love time with our family and love that we
 are so blessed to be able to celebrate this great nation.

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