Tuesday, July 27, 2010

so close it's painful.

we are days away from spending our first real night in our new house.
good. NESS i can hardly wait!
the painting is almost finished and i must say is looking more fab with every stroke.
countertops are scheduled and all is well in this little world.
my parents, christopher and shelby are chomping at the bit for this weekend to roll around, as am i. . .
can't wait to hug their necks and they can't wait to take orders from me as i oversee the move.
being seven months pregnant and not able to lift a finger sure does have it's advantages.
i am sure that i won't sleep a wink friday night because at the crack of dawn we will load up all of our earthly possessions that are currently missing me in the ranch garage and bring them all home.
i'm imagining it to be a bit like christmas morning. . . opening up boxes of treasures that i haven't seen in over two months.
it will be glorious!

it's probably a very good thing that i have not had access to my own kitchen because i am wanting baked goods.
homemade brownies and cake and cookies are all i can think about.
mom, are you there?
please bake me some of your infamous chocolate cholcate chip cookies.
i really do think they will help everyone be better movers and shakers this weekend.
don't let me down.
do it for june.

husband, listen up.
you can order me this as a thank you gift for giving you a baby girl.
oh, you say you are a visual learner.
good me too. . . here she is.
i love you andy.

as i was browsing the target aisles today i overheard many conversations between moms and tots about crayons and spiral notebooks, lunch boxes and backpacks.
i cannot believe that summer is almost over and school is right around the corner.
i am so thankful that i am staying home.  thank you andy for working so hard for our little family.
you are truly gifting me with some precoius memories of raising our little one.
if we're being honest though, for just one second. . . just one. . . i had to fight the urge to snatch up a new box of markers and stand in the bulletin board aisle and dream up something so cute and educational.
one second is quick people.
i do happen to know someone that will be dreaming up educational bulletin boards in the upcoming weeks. . . my sweet cousin bethany will be the newest and greatest second grade teacher.  this job is truly a testament of the Lord's faithfulness and goodness.
we are all so excited for her and cannot stop jumping for joy!

all the pregnant ladies, all the pregnant ladies (little b. knowles. . . couldn't help myself)
are you having trouble sleeping at night?
do you toss and turn and stare at your husband in jealousy just wishing that you too could be sleeping so soundly?
wait no longer and hury to get yourself one of these truly miraculous boppys.
worth every cent.
it has changed my life.

quick shout out.
i am sitting at my sister in law's computer, in her chiar, in her house.
they are on vacation and so sweetly offered to let us crash here while the final renos are taking place down the street.
yes you read it right folks, i said down the street.
13 doors to be exact and i honestly wish it was closer.
i think it is so sweet how the Lord works and loves.
i know that in my first months of motherhood things will be crazy and overwhelming.
i know that after june is here and my mom heads back home and the dust settles that i will feel so sad and lost without her.
but i know that becky and the kids will be just 13 doors down and i am finding great comfort in that.

this seems so petty and silly. . .  in fact i can't believe myself but i really do have these thoughts at least three times a day.
i am an addict and i dream about her and her creations at night.
lucky duck us, we have a sit in in our new kitchen that is just waiting for some love that just so happens to resemble this. . .
you see it don't you?
the cutest seat with the cushion, pillows and perfect drapes.
i have a much better picture on my phone that i look at at least four times a day.
be still my heart.

last thing.
also petty and silly.
you said it not me.
june really does need these.
for crying out loud, she's going to be a fall baby and i've never seen anything sadder than a baby with freezing toes.
have you?
maybe these will find their way underneath my parents christmas tree.

happy tuesday!

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  1. Jessica, my darling, it's a girl! I didnt know! I am thrilled 4 you both. I wish you could have known my Mandy! You all would have loved each other. Becky & Kelly loved her & I know you all would have had such secrets 2 share. Just reading your blog gets readers so excited along with you & praising God 4 His gifts f4 you & Andy...beginning with you all meeting & falling n "like" & then n "love". I still think of your wedding & party with such joy. Love reigns when you all r 2gether & all around you get "sprinkled" on. These shared pics bring goose bumps 2 me & i'm not even moving n/. Blessed be the name of the Lord.