Friday, July 2, 2010

out of order.

my mom asked me this morning, ' do you ever feel like your life is just out of order?'

we both started laughing immediately.
i believe that's the defintion of our current state.
just out of order.
we live wtih our parents.
andy has started a new job.
i am on summer vacation for the rest of my life.
we have a little sweet girl to get ready for.
we are adjusting to a new way of life in a new town.
and i am a whale about to wash out to shore.

i will tell you this though.
even though we feel a little crazed right now i wouldn't want to be doing any of this with anyone else.  not any other set of parents, both mine or andy's. not any other brother or sister. and definitely not any other husband! everyone has made what could be an extreme amount of stress feel like just not a big deal at all.  one day at a time.
just breathe.

i have to put this out there.
 i am a bit self conscious about it.
 last night i tried to 'follow' some other little ladies blogs because we all know that's the best part right? when you log in and find another follower? well somehow in an attempt to follow you, i somehow followed me. . . twice. 
 it's embarrassing to me.  so just to be clear, i'm not in love with myself enough to follow my own blog. i would just love it if you wanted to 'follow' our little life and bump my face down over there on the right hand column.
i know you see it.
so embarrassing.

isn't benjamin moore paint so pretty!
and you know you've just got to trust it.  if pottery barn uses it, it has to be perfect.
my mom and i are on our way in a bit, after a yummy lunch at hickory street, to check out paint colors for our new house.
so fun!

i am in the market for a really cool, old, antique church pew to put somewhere in our house.
we have a really long wall right when you walk in and i think it would be so cute.

this would work great.
with some random pillows, can't you just see it?

isn't this the sweetest.
i love little babies in sleep sacs with their little tiny legs curled  up, just sleeping in their sac.
i want this for june.

time to go.
happy 4th to ya'll!
my husband is on his way in about six hours to me. 
hurry up and blow, weekend whistle.


  1. you're cute. ha ha. and i'm pretty sure that you are not a whale! from what i saw on your last post - i couldn't even tell you were pregnant, the only clue was their hands on your stomach area. maybe a side shot would be better so we can actually see your little baby bump. and i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but here in a few months you'll really be feeling like a whale. why do you think i brought my big belly out in the baby pool before jesse got back! i didn't want him thinking he had a beached whale when he came home! he just came back to a tan one. :) anyway, love seeing your little posts. and i will be sure to follow you my dear. :) miss seeing your cute face :)

  2. Love it!!! and yes I read all the time... did you ever find mine? You need to look at mine and see my cute baby stuff I have one the way! We miss you guys!