Tuesday, July 20, 2010

have you seen these?
it's times like this, when i'm checking out at bb&b and paying a pretty penny for a cup that i think 'why could i not have come up this?'
you've got to give it to 'em.  they are brillant smart.
charge me $13.99 for a cup. . .just a plain ole' cup that supposedly won't sweat.
charge me $2.99 for a lid. . . a kelly green lid.
and then another $2.99 for a set of 6 straws. 
why i need 6 i still don't get.
but it has helped me get the insane amount of water i need for little june today so i guess i would drop twenty bucks for a cup any ole' day of the week.
welcome to motherhood.

i met my dear lifelong bf, lesley for lunch today at the best place ever!
we decided on sweet tomatoes which i highly recommend and hope to venture back to very often.
i think it was by far the healthiest place i've ever eaten and so delicoius.
i love my time with lesley.
never fails. . . we can pick up right where we left off.

now let's be real.
i am a terrible driver.
i feel like my brother, dad and andy have known this for a while but i am finally kinda starting to see get they are talking about. 
i got myself lost while listening to garmin a total of 4 times today.
if you are planning on meeting me somewhere, feel warned that i will most likely be late.

i want to devour everything in sight.
i cannot stop eating.
i am so so hungry all day long.
i am going to miss being pregnant because i kinda love to eat.
yesterday i HAD to have a baskin robbins scoop on a cone.
it was heavenly.
i am really hoping that andy will take me again tonight because on tuesdays they run a special for just $1.16 a scoop.

we finally get to close on our new abode tomorrow morning.
there has never been a line that i am more anxious and ready to sign my john hancock to.
keep checking back for pics of the house!


  1. I love reading your precious little posts! Miss you much and hope to see you on your next visit to Abilene sweet friend!

  2. OH YES, I too bought one of those $20 cups yesterday. And I TOO, was baffled by the need for 6 straws... until I remembered I have a 4 year old who LOVES to lose straws... and then there's the garbage disposal that I'm sure will be the end of a few straws... I got one with a pink "B" on it because I am a sucker for all things monogrammed!!! Enjoy that precious cup!! I LOVE MINE!!! :)

  3. Precious, I love reading your blog! You will one day have to coach me on this :) I cannot wait to come visit your new home! I love you and was so thankful to spend time with you Tuesday!