Tuesday, July 27, 2010

so close it's painful.

we are days away from spending our first real night in our new house.
good. NESS i can hardly wait!
the painting is almost finished and i must say is looking more fab with every stroke.
countertops are scheduled and all is well in this little world.
my parents, christopher and shelby are chomping at the bit for this weekend to roll around, as am i. . .
can't wait to hug their necks and they can't wait to take orders from me as i oversee the move.
being seven months pregnant and not able to lift a finger sure does have it's advantages.
i am sure that i won't sleep a wink friday night because at the crack of dawn we will load up all of our earthly possessions that are currently missing me in the ranch garage and bring them all home.
i'm imagining it to be a bit like christmas morning. . . opening up boxes of treasures that i haven't seen in over two months.
it will be glorious!

it's probably a very good thing that i have not had access to my own kitchen because i am wanting baked goods.
homemade brownies and cake and cookies are all i can think about.
mom, are you there?
please bake me some of your infamous chocolate cholcate chip cookies.
i really do think they will help everyone be better movers and shakers this weekend.
don't let me down.
do it for june.

husband, listen up.
you can order me this as a thank you gift for giving you a baby girl.
oh, you say you are a visual learner.
good me too. . . here she is.
i love you andy.

as i was browsing the target aisles today i overheard many conversations between moms and tots about crayons and spiral notebooks, lunch boxes and backpacks.
i cannot believe that summer is almost over and school is right around the corner.
i am so thankful that i am staying home.  thank you andy for working so hard for our little family.
you are truly gifting me with some precoius memories of raising our little one.
if we're being honest though, for just one second. . . just one. . . i had to fight the urge to snatch up a new box of markers and stand in the bulletin board aisle and dream up something so cute and educational.
one second is quick people.
i do happen to know someone that will be dreaming up educational bulletin boards in the upcoming weeks. . . my sweet cousin bethany will be the newest and greatest second grade teacher.  this job is truly a testament of the Lord's faithfulness and goodness.
we are all so excited for her and cannot stop jumping for joy!

all the pregnant ladies, all the pregnant ladies (little b. knowles. . . couldn't help myself)
are you having trouble sleeping at night?
do you toss and turn and stare at your husband in jealousy just wishing that you too could be sleeping so soundly?
wait no longer and hury to get yourself one of these truly miraculous boppys.
worth every cent.
it has changed my life.

quick shout out.
i am sitting at my sister in law's computer, in her chiar, in her house.
they are on vacation and so sweetly offered to let us crash here while the final renos are taking place down the street.
yes you read it right folks, i said down the street.
13 doors to be exact and i honestly wish it was closer.
i think it is so sweet how the Lord works and loves.
i know that in my first months of motherhood things will be crazy and overwhelming.
i know that after june is here and my mom heads back home and the dust settles that i will feel so sad and lost without her.
but i know that becky and the kids will be just 13 doors down and i am finding great comfort in that.

this seems so petty and silly. . .  in fact i can't believe myself but i really do have these thoughts at least three times a day.
i am an addict and i dream about her and her creations at night.
lucky duck us, we have a sit in in our new kitchen that is just waiting for some love that just so happens to resemble this. . .
you see it don't you?
the cutest seat with the cushion, pillows and perfect drapes.
i have a much better picture on my phone that i look at at least four times a day.
be still my heart.

last thing.
also petty and silly.
you said it not me.
june really does need these.
for crying out loud, she's going to be a fall baby and i've never seen anything sadder than a baby with freezing toes.
have you?
maybe these will find their way underneath my parents christmas tree.

happy tuesday!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

have you seen these?
it's times like this, when i'm checking out at bb&b and paying a pretty penny for a cup that i think 'why could i not have come up this?'
you've got to give it to 'em.  they are brillant smart.
charge me $13.99 for a cup. . .just a plain ole' cup that supposedly won't sweat.
charge me $2.99 for a lid. . . a kelly green lid.
and then another $2.99 for a set of 6 straws. 
why i need 6 i still don't get.
but it has helped me get the insane amount of water i need for little june today so i guess i would drop twenty bucks for a cup any ole' day of the week.
welcome to motherhood.

i met my dear lifelong bf, lesley for lunch today at the best place ever!
we decided on sweet tomatoes which i highly recommend and hope to venture back to very often.
i think it was by far the healthiest place i've ever eaten and so delicoius.
i love my time with lesley.
never fails. . . we can pick up right where we left off.

now let's be real.
i am a terrible driver.
i feel like my brother, dad and andy have known this for a while but i am finally kinda starting to see get they are talking about. 
i got myself lost while listening to garmin a total of 4 times today.
if you are planning on meeting me somewhere, feel warned that i will most likely be late.

i want to devour everything in sight.
i cannot stop eating.
i am so so hungry all day long.
i am going to miss being pregnant because i kinda love to eat.
yesterday i HAD to have a baskin robbins scoop on a cone.
it was heavenly.
i am really hoping that andy will take me again tonight because on tuesdays they run a special for just $1.16 a scoop.

we finally get to close on our new abode tomorrow morning.
there has never been a line that i am more anxious and ready to sign my john hancock to.
keep checking back for pics of the house!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

welcome to the mega post.

boy howdy. i am pumped about our house. . . for many, many reasons.
one being so that i can update this little diddy more often. 
our computer and all camera uploading cords are packed away.
it makes things difficult when you are tryingto keep record of life, you know?
i rode back to atown down yesterday with my mom after our day in fort worth and now that i am here i can steal her camera cord and do some major updating.
i want to order june one of these.
i saw some cuties at anthro the other day but i think i really love this one.
isn't she cute?
. . .or this little sweetie.
i like her too.

her tooty already bought her this little girl from blabla.
i am hoping that this will be her very favorite little lovey!

on tuesday my mom, aunt ginger and bethany came to fdub to help me with fabric for the nursery. 
i took them to my fabric wonderland and they were in just as much awe as i was.

i snapped these just to prove to you the possibilities in this place! seriously, worth the trip no matter where you live to step foot in here and see just what we're talking about.
can't wait to show you what we put together for baby's bedding. 
we also got to take a sneak inside the new casa and this little lady along with the best organizer i know, my mother, are going to be my helper bees come next week when we finally get to move in.

do you see why we have to have every inch painted?
lovely. . .don't get it.
andy has wheeled and dealed with my new hero juan and he and his army are going to do us a bang out paint job in a matter of 4 days. 
top to bottom.
every inch, repainted.
let's be real, we would never have paid  for a painter to come in and do the job for us if we were not on such a time crunch. 
ten weeks until june arrives.
so exciting and just a little bit frightening when you think about our to-do list.

last weekend we celebrated this sweet girl's birthday. 
what a 'sweet and sassy' little lady.
we sure do love you lael!

and check out this all star. . .
he plays tonight in a state championship t-ball game.
little gamer.
go get 'em benjamin!
he reminds me so much of little boy christopher. . . it's unreal. 
eating and breathing baseball right out of the womb.
love it.

speaking of little boy christopher. . . he surprised his first born niece with the most precious dress today.
mama raised him right. . . good taste my brotha.
i love that little pink flower!
thank you uncle pher, she will surely be a doll.

my mom snatched these up this past weekend when she and my dad were in midland for a golf tournament.  aren't they great! i love things in threes and these will be perfect on a pretty tray on my new countertops!
our friend angie is going to grab me some too.
yay, can't wait to get to decorating!

its so unreal to me that in just a matter of a couple of months we will no longer be our little family of two. 
our life will forever be changed the minute our little girl is here. 
isn't that wild?
we are over the moon with excitement, anticipation, joy and thankfulness.
she's really all that i can think about these days.

back i go to the heat zone for more pricing of junk for the big garage sale.
talk about some pack rats, good grief!
what's the saying. . . 'one man's junk is another man's treasure.'
i'll let you know if anyone really loves our 'junk'.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a late fourth.

we had such a happy fourth of july!
here are some pictures to prove it. . .
little grier, is she not the cutest thing you've ever seen?
my cousin lives on the most beautiful and fabulous street in san angelo and every year they have a fun little fourth parade for all of the families in the neighborhood.  can't wait for next year when little june gets to be in the parade too!
it was so great and so patriotic! right up my alley.
this is grier's new little sister ardynn and her aunt bebe.
she too is just too cute for words!

i just hate that i have not one piece of red or blue on.  all of my patriot clothing is packed away somewhere.  next year i'll ooh and aaah you to make up for this years very un-festive top.

we spent time at my aunt and uncle's beautiful lake house and all had such a great time.
andy and i had to jet out a bit early to make our four hour jaunt back to dfw but last minute we met up with some friends just in time for fireworks!
these two little babes loved the firework show!
especially sweet savannah. she was hysterical and just so cute!
i love the fourth of july!
yummy food.
great family tme.
celebrating america.
cute decorations.
can't wait for next year.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

90% baby.

i have an unhealthy obession with all things dishes.  my friend calli understands this and might actually be worse than i am.
i love all dishes.
mixing bowls, dessert plates, dessert bowls, cute spreaders, serving dishes, cake stands, silverware, cups. . . just all of it.
can't really get enough.
 i find these treasures and totally justify purchasing them because i see great hosting/party potential in them. one day i might throw a party and these would be perfect.
i have a problem.
our new house has a ton of storage in the kitchen. 
wink, wink.
sorry andy.

we ordered june's crib the other day!
i absolutely love it.  i was looking for a timeless, gender friendly, antique white crib and i found it for a steal!
i can't wait for it to arrive.
 my mom is coming down next week to help me finalize on fabric for this little cage.  i found the BEST fabric store in hurst just the other day.  you should have seen me as i was driving away. . . totally talking to myself about what a great treasure i had just found. just driving with my jaw dropped all the way home. it was ridiculous but i think you will understand once you see this fabric.
i drug andy back there last night just to show another human that this place is real and i didn't just imagine it.
he didn't quite understand my excitement but was sweet nonetheless.

talk about a low point in life.
monday i needed to take my hard working husband some breakfast.
so after a successful drop off i was headed to run a couple more errands until. . .

yes, it was disgusting.
 all of a sudden little june just did not feel like cooperating wtih her mama and up it all came.
while i was driving.
while cars were whizzing past me on both sides.
while i'm sure people saw me and thought 'poor girl.'
it was horrible.
thankfully i had andy's breakfast bag in the car.
so resourceful. . . barf bag.
while just remembering this horrible monday morning makes me want to vomit all over again i am so thankful that i am past the seven times a day event. 
and really this doesn't top tossing my cookies in front of twenty two kindergarteners multiple times a day.  that was a lower point in life.
little june, we can't wait until you arrive and we get to have our first little come to Jesus, sweet girl.

my cousin britney, grier and ardynn's mom, is like super mom.
really she is!
we got to spend some time with them over the fourth and i was so excited to get to soak up all of her knowledge.
she is a jewel.
so she told me about these cuties. . .
aren't they just the cutest little drink labels? 
now of course june isn't even here and she is definitely months away from being in a church nursery or a little mdo class but i think she needs them now.
you can have them labeled anyway you like and they are so much more stylish than a sharpie.
order them for your tot here!
britney also gifted me with this super resourceful book.
andy and i both have already found things in there that would have totally freaked us out but are apparently very baby normal.
thank you so much super mom for this wondeful reference!
we are offically all baby here with the jeffreys!

Friday, July 2, 2010

out of order.

my mom asked me this morning, ' do you ever feel like your life is just out of order?'

we both started laughing immediately.
i believe that's the defintion of our current state.
just out of order.
we live wtih our parents.
andy has started a new job.
i am on summer vacation for the rest of my life.
we have a little sweet girl to get ready for.
we are adjusting to a new way of life in a new town.
and i am a whale about to wash out to shore.

i will tell you this though.
even though we feel a little crazed right now i wouldn't want to be doing any of this with anyone else.  not any other set of parents, both mine or andy's. not any other brother or sister. and definitely not any other husband! everyone has made what could be an extreme amount of stress feel like just not a big deal at all.  one day at a time.
just breathe.

i have to put this out there.
 i am a bit self conscious about it.
 last night i tried to 'follow' some other little ladies blogs because we all know that's the best part right? when you log in and find another follower? well somehow in an attempt to follow you, i somehow followed me. . . twice. 
 it's embarrassing to me.  so just to be clear, i'm not in love with myself enough to follow my own blog. i would just love it if you wanted to 'follow' our little life and bump my face down over there on the right hand column.
i know you see it.
so embarrassing.

isn't benjamin moore paint so pretty!
and you know you've just got to trust it.  if pottery barn uses it, it has to be perfect.
my mom and i are on our way in a bit, after a yummy lunch at hickory street, to check out paint colors for our new house.
so fun!

i am in the market for a really cool, old, antique church pew to put somewhere in our house.
we have a really long wall right when you walk in and i think it would be so cute.

this would work great.
with some random pillows, can't you just see it?

isn't this the sweetest.
i love little babies in sleep sacs with their little tiny legs curled  up, just sleeping in their sac.
i want this for june.

time to go.
happy 4th to ya'll!
my husband is on his way in about six hours to me. 
hurry up and blow, weekend whistle.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


let's cut to the chase!
we found a house!
we are so excited!
and we will be sleeping our bodies there in less than a month!
that's the best part of all. 
we can get settled and feel somewhat at home before sweet little june gets here.
and her mama can finally really start thinking about a nursery. 
which leads me to. . .
my sweet friend lucy told me ages ago about serena & lily
i have finally found the time to sit down at a computer and start searching through their beautiful things!
decisions, decisions.
what's a girl to do.
i also love grahm cracker for custom bedding.
but there are so many choices and options that i get frustrated and overwhelmed.  alas, i keep building these beds and wasting more time.
my mom has been saving all of her pb, pb kids and land of nod catalogs. i need to find a good five hour slot to go through all of them for paint color ideas and just good inspiration.  thank goodness for moms huh?
june's daddy seems to think that all she will need is a sheet and a blanket. 
poor guy, he's in for quite a surprise.

speaking of june's daddy. we spent a fabulous anniversary weekend at the most perfect resort and spa. 
we were definitely due some major rest and relaxation.
and boy did we get it!
june's daddy also gifted me with a mother-to-be massage. 
big mistake buster.
 because now i want one every week.
  it was amazing, thank you andy!
it was the most perfect weekend and i snacked on all of these delicious treats pretty much the entire time. 
june loves chocolate.
 what can i say. . . like great-grandmother, like grandmother, like mother, like daughter.

i rode into abilene yesterday with my sweetest mother-in-law.  we had a great time chatting and now she is relaxing with her laura bush book at the ranch.  she dropped me off right on time for my haircut appointment.  i have been so looking forward to this appointment and we went a little crazy in the chair. my aunt and i decided it was time to chop about five inches off my locks.  the verdict is still out on wether or not it's too short, good thing i'm popping prenatal vitamins that help speed along the grow out process.

ya'll, i wish i knew how to upload pictures from my iphone because two of my best friends have completely remodeled their homes in lubbock and odessa.
they have sent me some pictures of their progress and it all looks so great!
they both could be on hgtv for sure.
girls, i can't wait to see it in real life.

our dear supper club just so happened to be together last night. 
 i popped in late, actually my mom dropped me off. . . straight up middle school style, with some slice and bake chocolate chip cookies and had such a fun time chatting wtih these girls.

can't wait for our next supper club, hopefully i will just so happen to be in town for that too!
so thankful for these little ladies.
abby just resurrected her blog
go check her out and encourage her to keep up with the times. 
 she's so hysterical and i just know she's got a great blogger bone in her.

that's it for now peeps. 
my little baby brother is on his way to pick me up for a lunch date with our grandparents and our mama.
yum yum, united deli!