Monday, November 9, 2009

lots of victories!

my dad felt like the big dog that he his on his birthday. so thankful for you, dad!

we had a fantasticlly busy weekend full of family! my heart and soul gets so excited when i think about our future babies. it is my dream come true to be wife of the year, june cleaver and mom to lots of sweet babies all at the same time. i want to have lots and lots of babies and my sweet husband does too! however we are not planning on over-populating our little home any time soon. all of this to say, i had the sweetest pleasure of watching my jeffrey niece and nephews play, play, play and enjoy each other and their time at the ranch this weekend. i can't wait until we add to that cute clan!

we are getting very excited about the holidays right around the corner and more time with our families. i am also stalking hobby lobby for their 50% off flyers telling me to take out the wallet and stock up on christmas decor! first purchase will be the most perfect tree, preferably pre-lit.

my brother christopher got a special surprise last week. he plays second base for the acu wildcats and last spring they were crowned the lsc champs! it was such a fun season and now he has the bling proof of a champion. we couldn't be prouder of him!


  1. Precious, precious friend! I am so excited to have another blog to stalk! :) I love you and miss you so much! Talk soon!

  2. I can't wait for ya'll to have lots and lots of babies too! You will just be the cutest most wonderful mom!