Saturday, November 14, 2009


C is for Comet!

i have something in my blood called the "hall clean gene".  it's really something that haunts me, just kidding mom! but seriously, i cannot stand a dirty house and this little guy named comet is my go-to man to get the job done. i use it on everything but floors and windows.  i love you, comet.  you're always there for me and never let me down.

drumroll please, andy is thankful for C: couch.  such a simple man.

in other news, i have been kicked out of my house for a weekend of bachelor-ness. the boys are playing poker, golf and celebrating the upcoming marriage of mark and diana!  i am looking forward to the abilene philharmonic home tour this afternoon with some girls.  ooohing and awwwing over some of abilene's old fabulous homes will be so fun!

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