Tuesday, November 17, 2009

e, f & g!

well well well.  we have had a very intersting past 24 hours.  andy had to be at work this morning at 3. yep, you read it right.  THREE A.M.  they had a concrete pour to complete and his v.i.p. presence was required.  goodness gracioius, i am proud of this man. 
later in the day i got a text from him that said there had been some suspicous charges to our credit card.  hmmm, i thought.  i have been doing some suspicous christmas shopping for him lately but i didn't remember it being to the tune of $900 buck-a-roos.  so i went on with my day of molding young minds and knew that he would take care of it later.  well later turned into our entire night and we have offically been robbed.  i never thought i would fall victim to identity theft, so crazy!

E is for efficient husband.
F is for fraud.
G is for goodness gracious this is going to be such an ordeal to straighten out. 

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  1. That is crazy! I'm so sorry that happened. What a mess! Your posts are Ever so Fun to read. Have a Good weekend.