Tuesday, November 3, 2009

happy birthday dad!

today is my dad's big day! happy birthday dad.

i am so thankful for my father. he has made being a daughter so sweet and so precious. he truly has blessed my life and my brothers by loving the Lord, my mom and us! i have many sweet memories of my dad. . . ones that make me cry and ones that make me laugh so hard that i almost pee in my pants! we all had such a sweet time this past spring planning mine and andy's wedding but it was an especially sweet time with my dad. it was a bittersweet day when he walked me down that aisle to andy. he is my earthly example of our Father's unconditonal love for me. i think about all of the sweet times my dad and i have shared and my heart can hardly contain itself. he is such a great man, so kind to others, so patient with us women in his life, so passionate about anything his children have participated in, so supportive and so generous. love you dad!

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  1. Ill never forget this summer when I was talking to your dad at another wedding and he told me he would do EVERYTHING all over again with the wedding...He is sooo sweet, not many dads would say that!! Happy Birthday Chance!!!