Sunday, November 15, 2009

D is for dates.

i love a good date night with andy.  my idea of the perfect date is yummy mexican food and walking around target.  typically on friday nights, we are so exhausted from a week of work that we eat either super early, like grandparent time, or get a pizza and a movie and are in bed by 10:30.  it's crazy to both of us how much sleep married people get.

andy is thankful for D: digiorno pizza.

i am on a new sewing kick.  last night my mom and i made the cutest little pin, cannot wait to find the perfect cardigan to adorn it.  next up: is hair accessories.
so much to be excited about this week, we have supper club at the belcher's and christmas decorating on saturday! plus, we are just days closer to thanksgiving break.  who doesn't love days off?!?

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  1. I am loving these posts! I love your daily choice to represent the letter! Your thoughts are a delight to me!

    Of course, AJ is never at a loss for words...or should I say at a loss for a word! Reminds me of asking him after school how the school day went and the full, I'm done answer was always either, "Fine" or on ocassion, two syllables were used, O and K..a man of a few words but deep thoughts!

    Love you you both dearly!!!

    expect blessing...