Monday, November 23, 2009

back in action.

eeeks.  i forgot about you, dear blog.  promise to never do that again.
ya'll,  i have some incredible news.  i think i might have married santa claus. 

andy made me the happiest girl this weekend by taking me shopping for all of my new christmas decor! he was so jolly and so festive and we had an absolute blast! saturday night he wrote the book on hanging christmas lights. as a little girl i remember my dad hanging the most perfect lights. so straight and all white. i prayed and prayed that the Lord would give me a husband that was as particular about christmas lights as dear ole' dad and He gave me one! our house looks pretty great. we feel kinda bad for thanksgiving so we are not turning them on officially until friday but so far we have cheated every night by just flicking them on for about 20 minutes or so to stand in awe. there is not a person on the planet that loves christmas more than this girl!
 i am vowing to finish my a to z list by thursday so check back!

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