Sunday, November 1, 2009

after thoughts.

so obviously we think that jacob moore is the best photographer ever! we took our "after the big day" shots and these are just three of our favorites. this shoot was so fun because it's every girls dream to get back in her dress and re-play her wedding day all over again. lucky for us, andy owns his tux! i have known jacob for a few years but just before the wedding figured out that he was doing photography on the side. i totally think he should do this full time! he has the sweetest most beautiful wife and the cutest happiest little baby. jacob is so so easy to work with and so so laid back. he obviously is so so talented as well. the Lord has definitely blessed jacob with so many talents. check him out!
(since he is a man of many hats he is still working out the kinks of his website)
p.s. this is totally off the subject of wonderful jacob moore, but i can not get enough of apples and carmel these days!

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  1. jessica... these are absolutely fantastic!!! you guys look fabulous & so, so happy (not that i'm surprised). hope all is well.... brittany