Monday, August 29, 2011

cafe rio.

does this picture alone not make you want to jump
 in your car and make the trek to ruidoso?
i'm with you if you do.
cafe rio is the place to be and it never leaves you wanting more.
it is so good and a must do for any trip to the mountains.
the man next to andy wanted to jump in our picture.
we loved it and welcomed him for sure.
his name was bruce and he was from michigan.
random but still fun!
i absolutely love this picture of junie and her papa and am crazy 
for each and every man in the picture below.
after pizza we headed down the road to the little go-cart/putt-putt park.
entertainment at it's best!
i crack up at her little smiling face.
please stay tiny forever junie.
we love you!
the boys couldn't get enough of the go-carts.
talk about a need for speed.
are you wondering who tagged along with us?
this is my aunt caroline's family.
she is the 7th of my mom's siblings, my mom being number six.
her husband toby, the kiddos: thomas, pearce and noah.
we all loved being on vacation together and cannot wait for the next one.
again with the wooden bears.
junie was obsessed and in love with everyone she saw.
she loves her bears and she loves her tootie even more.
one more vacation post: flyin' j!

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