Saturday, August 20, 2011

showered with love!

lesley's abilene shower was such a blast!
she and her andy got tons of great stuff and are totally set to be
 husband and wife so very very soon!
it was a great afternoon, hope you like the pictures.
surprise of a lifetime when brooke popped out of jody's car! 
growing up with these girls was so much fun. . . too much fun at times.
we were all devastated when brooke (far left) had to move away in middle school.
it's been years since we have all been under the same roof 
and it was the sweetest surprise for her to come in for lesley's
 shower and the big reveal went off without a hitch. . . the guest of honor 
was shocked and so happy when she saw brooke.
truly priceless, can't wait to see you again at the wedding!
lesley has two of the cutest nieces on this planet.
they were so much fun and too cute for words at the shower!
the groom popped in at the end, aren't these two a gorgeous couple?!?
and look how cute they look with a little girl :) i'm just sayin'. . . 
let's not waste any time making you two a family of three after the big day!
love y'all to pieces and am so looking forward to your day!

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  1. yay! :) You made my day with this one!! I failed to take pics at the shower... I figured all those attempts was more than enough and that I could just steal your wonderful pictures! :) Can you email them to me?!

    Can't wait to see you again in LESS THAN TWO weeks!!! :)